Angry Birds Go-Kart Racing Game out on December 11

By | October 15, 2013

Angry birds have come out a long way from the first time they were released and pitted against awful pigs. Initially the pigs used to steal their eggs away, so logically birds were angry. But Angry birds go takes this rivalry to new level where all are pitted against all. The not so angry birds compete with other birds and pigs simultaneously.  This game more of appears like a mario kart with all the angry birds characters and will be available to download on your smartphones and tablets by December 11, 2013. To be precise the birds and pigs are racing downhill in their soapbox derby cars.

This interesting game is all about money and birds hit out birds and pigs alike to win it big. Birds were supposed to be on the same side and so are the pigs but this game changed all the rules, only money matters and all of them fight it out to win in the end. The game has a very strange start with all the birds and pigs car pooling to some sort of racing track or amusement park. You may upgrade to 12 different type of cars and special powers are also available to race ahead of your competitors. Apart from that you may also collect coins to power yourself up.

Anyways you may buy collectible toy cars and later teleport them to games and use them.