Useful Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts and Facebook emoticons

By | January 13, 2014

Facebook is world’s largest social networking website and it has an active user base of over 1 billion. It came to existence in February 2004 when Mark Zukerberg along with some of his classmates founded it. Many of you must be spending a considerable amount of time on facebook socialising with you friends, family and co-workers. However we find ourselves struggling to surf facebook smoothly without knowing the various Facebook Shortcut Keys.

Facebook Shortcut Keys or keyboard shortcuts basically helps us to quickly message friends, open facebook settings page and much more just by punching few keyboard keys. Rather than struggling to find link path for a particular function on facebook a shortcut key simply takes us to our desired function. So let me introduce you to some of the most frequently used facebook shortcut keys:

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Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts (Keys):

Go to search box – alt + /
Send a new message – alt + m 
Go to Home page – alt + 1
Go to Profile page – alt + 2
Accept or deny friend request – alt + 3
Go to messages page – alt + 4
See notifications – alt + 5
Go to account settings – alt + 6
Go to privacy settings – alt + 7
Go to the Facebook fan page – alt + 8
See Terms and Conditions of Facebook – alt + 9

List of Facebook Emoticons:

Sometimes words or even the FB like feature are not sufficient to express our feelings in the right manner. So what we need here is emoticons and lot of them. To use the emoticon all you need to do is enter the key combination and you are done. Below is a exhaustive list of emoticons you can use to spice up your facebook experience.List of Facebook emoticons

That’s all I have in today’s post. I will update post with newer emoticons as I discover them. If you guys know more emoticons please share with everyone by commenting below.