How to save/conserve your smartphone battery

By | May 1, 2014

Even if you don’t own a smartphone you would agree to the fact that smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives. From setting up an alarm, setting a reminder, buying movie tickets online, making video calls, watching your favourite show on youtube or playing your favourite game each of these things are done on your mobile devices these days. The moment you move away from your smartphone you start wondering about missing some important notifications like an email, Facebook notification etc. With each passing day our dependence on smartphones keeps increasing and now with increased capabilities these devices consume hell lot of battery juice.

Even the smartphones with big enough batteries barely manage to get through one whole day without a charge if you are a power user. A power user typically surf internet on the go, send and receive emails, watch videos and catch up with friends and family over video calls. All of these features use a 3G/4G data connection as well as good amount of processing power and both of them are power guzzlers. So as a smartphone user it is quite natural to ask a question “How to conserve my smartphone’s battery” so that I can get the maximum out of it. Below we have listed some of the tips which can be used to cut down on unnecessary activities and save battery power for more useful tasks.Conserve smartphone battery

 Turn off Auto Brightness:

Auto-brightness option may seem like an obvious option to save battery but it is not. Infact auto brightness is way brighter than you actually need to properly see your smartphone display. So in order to save a considerable amount of bettery you should turn off the auto-brightness option and set it to a level which is comfortable in most of the situations. Just in case you need more brightness occasionally you can increase in then. Keep in mind that display uses most of the battery juice and by setting brightness at a low level you will end up with extended battery life.Screenshot_2014-05-02-00-29-12

Use dark backgrouds (for AMOLED displays):

If your smartphone has AMOLED display then you have a better chance of saving your precious battery from draining faster. AMOLED displays only illuminate the colored pixles and therefore black pixels are unlit. So logically if you use a dark screensaver or dark background for your apps then you can save a lot of battery life. So more dark the background, lesser colored pixels to be illuminated by AMOLED display, hence you save on battery power.

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Turn off Vibration and Haptic feedback:

Using the vibration mode when in a meeting, place of worship, library or a theatre completely makes sense as you don’t want to disturb others. In all other places you should better switch to your good old ringtone as a vibrating phone sucks a lot of battery power. Similarly haptic or tactile feedback also consumes a lot a batter by continually vibrating the phone. So if you don’t really need haptic feedback then you should consider turning it off and doing this will take a big load off your smartphones battery.

Reduce Screen Timeout:

If you have set your smartphone’s screen timeout above 10-15 seconds then you are draining you battery unnecessarily. A study has concluded that an average smartphone user wakes up his smartphone for over 150 times per day. So if you reduce your smartphone’s screen timeout from 1 minute to 15 seconds you could save 45secondsX150=6,750 seconds or around 75 minutes or 1 hour and 15 minutes of display time each day. This saving will definitely boost your smartphone’s battery life.

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Disable GPS:

Most of the smartphones these days have a GPS unit to constantly monitor it’s location. It basically sends and receive signals to navigation satellites to pin point your exact location. Most of the apps these days constantly track your location in order to deliver you with location based results as well as advertisements. This GPS functionality is a big battery sucker, so we would advice you to turn off the GPS as long as you don’t need it for navigational use.

Above are the most often used tactics to improve your smartphone’s battery life. However there are lot more tips which could be put to use in order to increase your batteries life. If you found these tips to be useful and helpful then don’t hesitate to show your love by commenting below or sharing it with your friends and family. If you know some more tips on efficient use of smartphone’s battery then share it with all of us. Your kind efforts would be highly appreciated.  😀