Your telecom operator may end up paying Rs 1-5 per call drop if Govt. has its way

By | September 3, 2015

The Narendra Modi Govt. is getting serious about call drop issue and has now initiated steps to curb this menace. The central govt. is expected to ask telecom operators to pay out Rs 1-5 per call drop to their customers. The exact road map to address call drop issue will be there in the TRAI’s consultation paper to be released this week.

Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi also voiced his concern on call drop issue and directed telecom minister to take steps to tackle it.Call Drops

In first week of June, we published a story about Govt’s plan to fine telecom companies for call drops and things seems to be heading in the right direction now. The TRAI’s consultation paper on call drops will most probably suggest the discounts to be adjusted in prepaid balance or postpaid bill in lieu of call drops faced by customer.

The call drop problem has worsened particularly in metro cities such as Delhi and Mumbai. For example, some areas of Delhi experience 20% of call getting disconnected before the two parties complete the call. Implementation of fines on call drops will not be a cake walk for government, as telecom companies have already made it clear that they would oppose fines on call drops.

Telecom companies cite lack of space for installing new cell sites in urban areas as people are unreasonably fearful of radiation hazards. They also claim lack of spectrum to be responsible for call drops.

TRAI’s consultation paper may also make it mandatory for telecom operators to periodically disclose their network capacity, spectrum availability and number subscribers it can cater to.