RCOM offers “Unique U.K.” and “Fabulous Five” International Roaming packs to it’s GSM customers

By | April 2, 2014

Reliance Communications (RCOM) has unveiled two new International Roaming packs by the name “Unique U.K.” and “Fabulous Five”. Apart from these two new roaming packs RCOM also revived it’s famous U.S. specific roaming pack “Awesome America Roaming Pack” which it released in October last year and received a very good response. All these three international roaming packs would be made available only to postpaid customer on RCOM’s pan India GSM network. These packs will attact those who travel frequently overseas and run up heavy mobile bills due to steep charges incurred while calling and using data on international roaming. Keeping these frequent flyers in mind Reliance has designed these packs and users will benefit as these packs offers heavy discounts on existing tariff rates.

“Unique UK” as the name suggests offers you heavy discounts in United Kingdom. It offers a steep 96% discount on data usage at the same time you will have to pay 82% less on your voice calls. “Unique U.K.” international roaming pack can be activated by paying a monthly rental of Rs. 849.Unique UK and Fabulous Five

As far as “Fabulous Five” pack is concerned it will offer deep discounted international roaming in 42 regions spread across 5 continents namely North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Subscribers can benefit from this pack by paying a monthly rental of Rs. 999 and in return will get upto 92% savings on data usage bills.

RCOM has also revised it’s popular international roaming pack “Awesome America”. In October last year RCOM reduced voice call rates by upto 50% to Rs. 40/minute while data usage charges were made Rs. 10/MB at that time. The new revised “Awesome America” pack now allows you to make or recieve voice call at Rs. 10/minute while roaming across United States, but data usage charges remain same at Rs. 10/MB. So now it offers a very good discount on 75% on voice calls. However the monthly rental for this pack remains the same at Rs. 849/month.