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Marco Polo app can locate your misplaced smartphone

Are you in a habit of constantly misplacing your smartphone anywhere? Do you have trouble locating it back again? If your answer to these questions is yes then we have a solution for you. Matt Wiechec, a designer and developer based in Toronto has created an app by the name “Marco Polo” which helps you locate… Read More »

How to Charge Your iPhone or Android Smartphone Faster

Times have totally changed since Apple launched iPhone for the very first time way back on 2007. Since then a bevy of smartphones came, with each generation more powerful and smarter than its predecessor. However with the advancement of processing power no research went into increasing the battery capacity accordingly. What this essentially means is… Read More »

Facebook acquires fitness app Moves from Finnish developer ProtoGeo

Facebook is on a mission to completely dominate the smart phone space and it has become quite evident from the acquisition of WhatsApp early this year for a whopping $19 billion. Keeping up with the mobile first trend Facebook has acquired fitness app “Moves” from its Finnish parent company ProtoGeo. Apps like Moves are a… Read More »

Apple offers to replace iPhone 5’s power button for free

Apple has finally accepted that some of it’s previous generation iPhone 5 devices have technical issues and it is offering to replace the faulty power/sleep/wake button for free. As of now only U.S. and Canadian customers will be able to take benefit out of this offer. However Apple will launch this replacement program in other… Read More »

How to backup and restore Whatsapp conversations

Whatsapp is one app that has become synonymous with messaging around the world with billions of messages being exchanged on any given day. As your contact list grows so does the amount of messages and conversations, which pile up to accumulate substantial space. What if your smartphone gets infected with a virus? What if it… Read More »