Your privacy is at risk while using UC Browser

By | May 22, 2015

UC browser is currently being used by over 500 million users in both India and China, making it most popular mobile web browser. However, the Alibaba owned browser now finds itself in controversy over leakage of user’s private and sensitive data to third parties. A University of Toronto interdisciplinary lab, known as Citizen Lab has conducted a study recently and came out with conclusion that UC Browser leaks user data.

This study has revealed that both English and Chinese versions of UC Browser can leak private information to a third party or the mobile network. You may read the CitizenLab’s original report on UC Broser here.UC Browser leaks private data to third parties

The leaked information can range from IMSI no, IMEI no, mobile number, location data, search queries and Android ID to name a few. Toronto based CitizenLab came out with these findings in April and notified both UC Web, as well as its parent company Alibaba to rectify the security loopholes.

Both the companies responded by saying that they have assigned security engineers to look into the matter and will soon fix the security issues found in UC Browser. CitizenLab has been following the developments and it again tested the updated version of UC Browser and it was found that it was still infested with the security issues found earlier, except for location data.

The updated UC Browser is still suffering from insecure data transmission to the Umeng component, at the same time its search queries still lack encryption. CitizenLab after seeing the lacklusture response on part of UC Web and Alibaba decided to make this report public and alert all the stake holders about risks involved in using UC Browser.

So we sincerely advice our readers to stop using the UC Broswer at least for the time being. What’s your take on this story? Do share your opinion.