Shama Shades sunglasses from Ray-Ban can charge your phone

By | November 17, 2013

Well smartphones always seem to be out of battery. What can be better than having sunglasses which get charged using solar energy while you hangout with your friends in the day. Now when ever your smartphone runs out of charge just pick out any of the sun glass arm having micro USB pin and insert it in mobile’s charging port.

U.S. based Indian designer Sayalee Kaluskar has developed this outstanding technology as part of a project at Miami Ad School – San Francisco.

The design of the sunglasses is very innovative. Two solar panels have been attached to the outer side of left and right frames of the sunglasses and there placement is unique and gives a checkered pattern.

Now when you are out in the sun these solar panels convert solar energy to electricity and uses it to charge batteries inside both the arms.

Unfortunately these innovative sunglasses are still not out in market but you may follow Sayalee Kaluskar here.