Samsung Galaxy S5 to be launched on February 24 at Unpacked 5 event

By | February 4, 2014

Samsung has finally decided to pull the curtains off from company’s latest flagship device Galaxy S5 in Unpacked 5 event at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona on 24th of December. Sammy has already started sending event invitation to tech journalists from leading news papers. So finally it official! after all those rumor mills running since last couple of months. Although most of the information about Galaxy S5 still is at a speculation stage we will try to cover most of credible info found across the web. There were some rumors initially that Samsung Galaxy S5 will be produced from Samsung’s production facility in Vietnam in January 2014 and will be on sale by the time first quarter ends.

Some analysts feel that event has been brought forward by almost 3 weeks after Samsung reported weaker than expected sales of it’s last generation flagship device S4. Samsung is also experiencing the slowest growth in it’s profit from mobile segment due to fierce competition from Apple, Inc. and local vendors in developing markets specially India and China. Samsung somehow feel that a brand new flagship device may improve it’s fortunes but on the contrary analysts feel smartphone markets have become saturated (developed markets) or they are price sensitive (developing markets).Samsung_Galaxy_S4

Display: Samsung Galaxy S5 has been rumored to be having a 5-5.2 inch high definition screen coupled with an eye-popping resolution of 2560×1440, resulting in a pixel density of 560 ppi. It is most likely to be a Super AMOLED display.

Operating System: This one is easy to answer as most probably S5 will come with latest Android Kitkat 4.4, however some believe that S5 can also be launched with Samsung electronic’s own mobile OS Tizen.

Design: Most of the Samsung critics feel that poly carbonate or plastic exteriors are a big turn off for Samsung Smartphones. It seems Samsung has finally heard them and is planning to shun poly carbonate exteriors for metallic exteriors of S5.

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Processor: Samsung’s co-chief executive Shin Jong-Kyun in September, 2013 told journalists in South Korea that the company’s next smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality, like Apple iPhone 5s, but it is still not clear if this will be used in Galaxy S5. Most probably S5 will have Snapdragon 800 chipset clocked at 2.4GHz along with the Adreno 330 GPU. However some spec enthusiasts speculate S5 to have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, or a 64-bit version of Samsung’s own Exynos 6 chip. Galaxy S5 may have 3-4 GB RAM supporting the processor.

Revamped Touchwiz Interface: Some leaked images on the internet also points to the fact that Samsung’s Touchwiz UI is also getting a new lease of life for Samsung Galaxy S5. The redesigned interface features brightly colored tiles with sports results, messages from contacts, flight updates, fitness monitor, maps and local events.Samsung new Touchwiz

16 megapixel camera: Samsung Galaxy S5 is also getting an upgraded 16 megapixel camera (with optical image stabilization) compared to 13 megapixel camera of it’s predecessor Galaxy S4.

Finger Print Scanner or Iris Scanner? There are numerous rumors going on about both. Some claim that S5 will come fitted with an iris scanner. If so it will definitely put S5 way above iPhone 5S. However some reports also tells us that after many unsuccessful attempts to install Iris Scanner on S5 Samsung has finally given up on it and will ship S5 with Fingerprint scanner instead.

Well we have talked about so many rumors on S5, now we have to see how many actually see the light on 24th of Feb!