Nokia Lumia 520 blocks a bullet to save Brazilian Cop’s Life

By | May 4, 2014

Since the very beginning of mobile phone era Nokia has been associated with an image of company producing sturdy and literally indestructible phones. Most of us must have owned a Nokia 3310 in early 2000’s and it was considered one of the most rough and tough phone which could take all the punishment. In fact there are many memes doing the rounds on internet claiming Nokia 3310 to be indestructible.

It now appears that Nokia Lumia 520 has taken over the indestructible crown off Nokia 3310’s head by blocking a bullet and saving a Brazilian cop’s life. So Nokia Lumia 520 is definitely new King of the Ring. This incident took place near Sao Paulo where 2 robbers stormed a woman’s house in a robbery attempt. One robber took woman hostage and dragged her inside the home along with her husband and another relative. While the second robber was keeping a vigil over the neighboring area outside home. This is when woman’s son who is a cop came home to get his police dress laundered. Knowing little that a robber is waiting outside home to hit him with a bullet.

Nokia Lumia 520 saves cop's life

Woman’s son (cop) arrived almost 30 minutes after she was taken hostage and robbery started. Once the robber saw cop entering his mother’s house he shot at him which luckily missed him and ended up hitting the neighbor’s main entrance gate. He again aimed at the cop this time hitting him on buttocks but by God’s grace he was carrying his trusty Nokia Lumia 520 in the trouser’s back pocket.

Hard to believe it, but Nokia Lumia 520 took all the impact from this bullet shot, got damaged and therefore saved his owner from a fatal injury in the process. After missing the cop twice the robber alarmed his accomplice inside and managed to flee with some small items.

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This brave little Nokia Lumia 520 deserve all the respect for saving its owner by giving the supreme sacrifice! Don’t you think so?

Source: The Globo