Nokia Indiblogger Your Wish is My App 2 blogger meet was fun

By | January 26, 2014

It was Friday and fun day as Delhi witnessed Nokia Indiblogger Your Wish is My App 2 blogger’s meet at The Oberoi, New Delhi. Around 300 Indian bloggers were invited at the event to discuss and come up with some innovative ideas. I reached the venue at around 5:45 much before the scheduled time of 6 PM, so strolled around and chatted with other bloggers. Event’s hosts Rajiv Makhni (NDTV Cell Guru host), Vikas Khanna (celebrity chef) and Vishal Gondal (Indiagames owner and tech entrepreneur) came at around 6:30 PM. At 6:35 registration for the even started where all the participants had to enter their Indiblogger email ids to register for the event. Then we headed for some scrumptious snacks and tea that were served at the menu. Apart from this juices, cocktails and mocktails were also served at the event.

Around 6:45 the event started with some funny moments and Nokia India P. Balaji gave his opening speech where he emphasized on Nokia’s priority on producing new and innovative apps for Nokia Lumia phones to enhance user experience. He also discussed at length about how at the start Windows Store had just over 7,000 apps barely 3 years ago and now they have over 200,000 apps on windows phone store. He was very happy with the outcome of the Nokia Your Wish is My App season 1 as out of the 38000 app suggestions that came around 1200 are now up and running on windows app store. He encouraged all the bloggers to think and come up with new and innovative apps.

Nokia Your Wish is My App 2 eventNokia Your Wish is My App 2 event

Nokia MD P. Balaji emphasizing on Nokia’s customer centric approach

After Mr. P. Balaji’s speech show’s host Rajiv Makhni, Vikas Khanna and Vishal Gondal arrived on stage and started the show. All of them were at thier best with Vishal and Vikas coming up with funny tid bits in between to liven up the environment. Initially Rajiv invited the youngest blogger to come on stage and share his/her idea about a new app. An 8 year old girl came on stage and told us that she want a game app by the name Subway Run and it earned her a lumia device! On the similar lines oldest blogger, farthest living and nearest living blogger were invited and rewarded with Nokia Lumia phones. I was quite amazed that some bloggers have came all the way from Mumbai and Allahbad to attend the meet.

Then Chef Vikas Khanna and Vikas Gondal asked us some questions and we had to tweet the answer with #YWMA hashtag. The fastest 5 answers were to win a Nokia 1020 device. I tried but failed to tweet in time! Apart from this we had to jot down our app idea on a piece of paper and drop it in a glass bowl. These papers were randomly selected by show hosts and lucky person was invited on stage to further elaborate his app idea and was rewarded with Nokia Lumia 1520 (worth whopping Rs. 55,000!).

There was literally a stampede as Rajiv Makhani announced that they are left with 5 more suggestions and show is about to come to an end. Finally Rajiv appealed to all the participants to settle down. After that the 5 lucky participants were chosen randomly and were called upon stage to showcase thier app idea in one line. They presented thier ideas (some of them as weird as Arvind Kejriwal app!) and were gifted Nokia Lumia 1520 as goodwill gesture.Nokia YWMA

Finally Rajiv announced that show has come to an end. He asked all the bloggers to write about this even on thier blog and send the link to Indiblogger team and himself. Best post on the even will be awarded with Nokia Lumia 1520! So all in all this post might earn me Nokia Lumia 1520. At 9:30 PM Rajjiv Makhni called all the bloggers to come on stage for group photo. After the group photo we headed for the dinner. But I had to skip the dinner to catch the metro in time. I collected my Indieblogger T-Shirt at the venue entrance and headed for the JLN metro station.

Nokia Your Wish is My App blogger meet was an awesome even and the three amazing hosts made it all the more interesting. I personally liked Nokia’s customer centric approach when they are investing so heavily in creating new apps to give Nokia users an out of the world experience. If Nokia sticks to this approach and keeps customers needs at the fore front the day is not far it will again be the number one in the smartphone segment. My best wishes for Nokia and hope to attend the season three as well!

My App Idea:

Well I wish to see a matrimony app by the name “WedSocial”. This app would combine user details from famous social networking websites such as Facebook,, Google Plus etc and those aspiring to marry can download this app and login via their social networking website credentials. All the personal details can be fetched directly from website. This will provide us to interact more closely with social circle and family of our prospective life partner. We can get to know his/her personal habits and lifestyle this way.