Google launched ‘Helpouts’ to troubleshoot your problems

By | November 5, 2013

Google, Inc. today launched it’s brand new commerce platform called “Helpouts” which will help you to quick fix your problem at hand by connecting with various businesses or trusted professionals like Doctors, plumbers etc. At present Google has restricted it’s Helpouts to select few categories but it aims to expand it later.

This service began taking queries today from customers and will help them connect with over 1,000 merchants, consultants, Doctors, websites, instructors and professionals who managed to clear the Google’s background check.

This could be considered as Google’s attempt to reach personally to end customer who at times might not find on web what exactly they are looking out for. This is a fully paid service and more like a Google Hangout where you connect with the specialist over a video chat and ask for solution for your problem.

Google will charge 20% of the fee received as commission (from businesses) and if you are not satisfied with the advise than you are entitled for a 100% refund.

Google helpouts

Google helpouts

Whenever we have a problem at hand or any query then what do we do? Simple we just sit in front of our computer and log on to We then type whatever we feel best describes our problem and most often we end up not getting any precise solution. This is the area where Google Helpouts will help layman in tackling day to day problems. If you have an issue with your website, you want to slim down, your PC is down with some virus all these problems can be addressed with Google Helpouts. But all the services will not come cheap. You must be ready to shell out your hard earned money to get some quality advise.

Udi Manber, a vice president at Google, wrote in a blog post: ‘Most of the world’s useful information still resides in people’s heads. Manber said some of the services now are “how to fix your garage door, or how to remove a computer virus; or it might be guidance completing a project, like building a deck. “

The categories being offered initially include art and music, computers, cooking, education and careers, fashion and beauty, fitness and nutrition, health and home and garden.

The Helpouts range from free to $240 or more. Some examples include chemistry tutoring and homework, learning to play guitar, yoga instruction, French language lessons, fixing computer problems or refrigerator repair.

Apart from your computer this service may be accessed from your Android powered smartphone or tablet as well. Google Helpouts app is now available on Google Play Store, however they are yet to develop the app for iPhone or any other mobile OS.

Google Helpouts will compete with some similar services like HelthTap (which offers health advice), RocketLawyer (Help in legal matters) and Analysts feel that Google Helpouts will also compete with it’s own video sharing platform Youtube, however a person who needs instant solution might not have enough time to go through all the video’s and find one which really helps him out.