Google Chromebit can turn TV into a Chrome OS based PC!

By | April 1, 2015

Google recently announced Chromebit, which is essentially a chrome operating system based PC packed into an HDMI dongle. If initial price estimates of $100 are to be believed, it is quite a cheap way to convert your TV into a Chrome OS based PC. Google and Taiwanese tech giant ASUS have partnered to deliver this excellent piece of technology.

The very first Chromebit hardware has been built by ASUS and is packed with some good specifications. To begin with, Chromebit has Rockchip 3288 ARM Cortex-A17 processor, 2GB of RAM, a Mali 760 GPU, 16GB of internal storage, one USB port, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11ac. Looking at the specs and the kind of features it offers, it can easily be dubbed as “computer on a stick”.Google Chromebit HDMI PC

Chromebit is somewhat bigger in size as compared to Google Chromecast, however it can swivel around so that it doesn’t look odd sticking out from TV’s side. As per Chrome blog post, the first Chromebit will be made available later in summer 2015 for less that $100. As can be seen in the Chromebit pictures above, it will be made available in three color variants i.e., blue, silver and orange.

As of now, nothing is known about the battery life Chromebit has to offer as it is still under testing phase. “Smaller than a candy bar, the Chromebit is a full computer that will be available for less than $100,” Google said.

“By simply plugging this device into any display, you can turn it into a computer. It’s the perfect upgrade for an existing desktop and will be really useful for schools and businesses.”

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More hardware manufacturers are expected to follow the suit by joining the Chromebit bandwagon sooner or later. Google is also hoping the same and expects the prices to come down further, with other manufacturers offering devices with different specs and features. What do you think? Will Chromebit be a success?