Gmail now offers ‘Undo Send’ feature

By | June 24, 2015

Are you in to habit of sending incorrect emails and regretting later? If you are a Gmail user then we have a good news for you. Gmail has announced the roll out of its undo send or call back email feature on its web based service. This nifty Gmail feature has been sitting quietly in the little known lab settings since 2009.

Google in an official blog post, announced the launch of this “Undo Send” button on Monday evening. The Gmail’s “Undo Send” button was under beta testing ever since 2009 and now made available for public at large.Gmail Undo Send Botton feature rolled out

The “Undo Send” feature needs to be enabled from your end and once set up, it will allow you to abort any sent email up to a time period of 30 seconds. During beta testing of this feature, the default undo send period was 5 seconds, but now Gmail allows you to set this period for 5, 10,20 or 30 seconds.

If you have had enabled Undo Send feature in the Google Labs, then your settings will be retained as such. However, users new to this feature can enable it by visiting General tab under Gmail settings. As of now, the Undo Send button has been selectively rolled out to the web browser based Gmail service, however, Google has plans to make it available on the Gmail smartphone app in future.

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In case your browser crashes or you somehow close the browser window, the email will be sent after the completion of the Undo Send time period.