Free Wi-Fi for all in Shimla during Summer Festival (June 1-7)

By | June 1, 2015

To boost Shimla’s image as a popular tourist destination, the Shimla municipality has decided to provide free WiFi connectivity to everyone during the week-long international Shimla Summer Festival starting today. As per Mr. Takinder Panwar, Deputy Mayor of Shimla Municipal Corporation, Wi-Fi signals will cover areas from Scandal Point to the Anglican Christ Church.

The free Wi-Fi service will cater to specific locations in Shimla which are connected to the Ridge, several parts of central Mall Road and the famous Scandal Point.Shimla Free Wifi

As of now Shimla Municipal Corporation has set up seven routers to act as access points at following locations – Padam Dev Complex, HPMC counter, State Library, Ashiana Hotel, Old SMC building, Scandal Point and Gaiety theater. Each router has a coverage range of around 150 meters.

Shimla Deputy Mayor, Tikender Panwar also added,

“The famous Summer Festival of Shimla attracts tourists from all over the world and the free Wi-Fi services not only facilitate the tourists and local citizens, but will also brand the image of Shimla city as an upcoming high tech destination,”

To avail the service all you need to do is connect to the free Wi-Fi service and open your browser. You will be prompted to enter your mobile number. Once mobile number is entered, a Wi-Fi access passkey will be sent, using which a user can log in to Wi-Fi network. The usage of free Wi-Fi service has been capped at 2 hours per day and speed offered is 1 Mbps.

As of now the free Wi-Fi service is a pilot project, and if everything goes smoothly then it can be regularized on a long term basis. These Wi-Fi hotspots may very well serve as ‘citizen service centers’ for local residents as well as for tourists. This will enable the residents to access government websites as well as services free of cost.

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The Shimla municipality has plans to further spread the Wi-Fi footprint to another 25 to 30 locations and hence it is seeking users feedback on its facebook page. In order to facilitate the feedback sharing, users will be directed to Shimla municipality’s Facebook page as soon as they log in to Wi-Fi. On the Facebook page users could share their experience and feedback via comments.