Facebook grows to 112 millions users in India

By | December 17, 2014

A large young population with access to affordable smartphones and ever increasing internet penetration has helped Facebook to grow its user base to 112 million in India. Not very long ago in April this year Facebook’s Indian user base stood at 100 million, but aggressive online marketing strategy attracted another 12 million Indian users to the largest social network in the world.

India boasts of having second largest user base on Facebook after U.S. and it explains why Facebook gives importance to this market. In September this year, U.S. based Facebook reported its monthly active user (MAU) base touching 112 million and subsequently its daily active user base (DAU) touched 52 million. Globally Facebook boasts of 1.35 billion users, out of which its daily active user base now stands at 864 million.Facebook user base touches 112 miilon mark in India

“We have seen tremendous growth from across regions. There is still a huge market opportunity to tap into. We are engaging actively with our users and partners (brands, advertisers etc) on how can their experience on the platform be enhanced further,” Facebook India Managing Director Kirthiga Reddy told PTI.

Out of the total base of 112 million Indian users, 99 million users visit Facebook via their smartphone apps or browser once in a month. Another 45 millions users on the other hand connect with their friends, family and colleague using their smartphones at least once daily.

Facebook recently conducted a study named  ‘Coming of Age on Screens’, which aims to understand people’s attitudes and behavior both online and offline. This study came out with some interesting observations, for example, 77% of users in 13-24 years of age group accepted that they can’t think of leaving their homes without smartphones. Similarly 63% agreed to the fact that they would any day prefer to give up TV for their smartphones. “Another interesting finding that emerged was that youth today use an average of four devices and often use multiple screens in the evening, especially while watching TV,” Reddy said.

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Almost 77% of those surveyed accepted that they like to be connected to internet where ever they are, thus giving us an indication that they suffer from FOBO (Fear Of Being Offline). “Social media is the first place this group would turn to share a photo of themselves (41 per cent), a funny video or joke (37 per cent), an interesting news article (32 per cent) and a random observation (24 per cent) – ranking ahead of face-to-face, text, email and other means of communications,” she said.

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Reddy said the study will help advertisers understand this young group better in terms of how do they connect and the role of technology and different digital platforms in the lives of youth.