Blackberry starts BBM Channels, it’s own social network

By | November 28, 2013

Blackberry is going places these days. After the launch of it’s famous messaging application BBM on Android and iPhone Blackberry is out with the Beta version of it’s new social network called BBM channels. BBM channels will come embedded in the BBM app itself and will allow users to create channels around their areas of interests, post updates, like other channels and share  favorite content with others out of the BBM fraternity. Similar to the Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus BBM channels can garner followers which will receive the latest updates from the channel creator.

BBM channels are initially available only to blackberry users and the service will be rolled out to Android and iPhone at a later stage. Blackberry is reportedly seen partnering with device manufacturers to install it’s BBM app into Android devices especially in developing world. BBM channels is being seen as an attempt by Blackberry to generate revenue out of it’s BBM service which still has 80 million active users.



The Beta version is currently available only in English language.  You can read more about this on official BBM channels page.

How to use BBM channels?

  • Login to BlackBerry Beta Zone, or create an account using your BBID
  • Check out your ‘Eligible Programs’ and sign up for the BBM Channels beta program
  • Once you’ve entered the program, you can take part in the beta testing process. Install the client (BBOS + BB10), test it out, and let us know what you thinkvia discussion boards, surveys etc.