Apple Watch to be sold by appointment only, confirms Apple

By | April 5, 2015

This may not be a very good news for Apple Watch lovers! All of us knew that Apple would be selling very limited quantity of Apple Watch on 24th April, the launch date. However, the Cupertino, Calif., based tech giant has finally stepped in to clarify the situation. You may not be too excited, if you are in a habit of thronging to your local Apple store to buy latest iPhone or iPad, as this time Apple wants you to make a reservation online prior to trying and buying your favorite Apple Watch.

So if you seriously want to buy an Apple Watch, then you must book a reservation online. Apple will launch and start selling its first wearable device on April 24, which costs anything between $349 to $17,000!Apple Watch by appointment only no walk ins

Apple Watch preorders begins at 12:00 a.m. PT on April 10, and customers will be allowed to try the device in the stores, the same day. So if you had a plan to just walk in and purchase Apple Watch then toss that idea aside. Apple recently confirmed to CNET, that customers need to make some kind of online reservations first and then head to their local Apple stores. To much of our dismay Apple don’t have any plans to change this sales strategy any time soon, not at least in immediate future.

In case you don’t want to visit local Apple store, then you can straight away book your Apple Watch online and get it shipped right at your door step. We believe Apple is going for the kill with this strategy. First thing, the online reservation will allow the Cupertino giant to have a control on inventory levels and hence it will be able generate more public interest. Secondly, customers will have more time to judge and decide which variant and size of Apple Watch is just perfect for them. Thirdly, Apple watch is a more sophisticated product which requires more hands-on time, in comparison to iPhone or say an iPad.

In a nutshell, Apple wants to give customers an uber experience when it comes to Apple Watch and hence you can’t just simply wank-in and walk out of an Apple store with an Apple Watch! Have any thing to say? Please fell free to comment below!