Apple Watch coming to India on November 6: prices start at Rs. 36,999

By | October 26, 2015

Apple Watch was announced last year and made debut across different markets six months ago. The nifty smartwatch is all ready for India debut on November 6, and some speculations suggest that prices start from 36,999 for the base model. In comparison, base model is available for $349 in U.S. market, which roughly translates to Rs. 22,671 at today’s exchange rate.

Apple Watch went for pre-orders on April 10, 2015 and deliveries started from April 24 in USA, France, Japan and UK. Thus, it took Apple six months to launch one of the most anticipated wearable gadget in India.Apple Watch launched in India

If one visits Apple Watch India website, he is now greeted with “Available 6/11” written to the top left corner, which clearly indicates gadget’s launch date in India. If you want to explore the Apple Watch in detail, then do visit the gadget’s official website we mentioned in the link above.

Apple Watch has already achieved the status of best-selling wearable device, which is evident from 4.2 million orders received in Q2’15. It easily beats nearest rivals like FitBit and Xiaomi, even after being priced significantly higher.

Apple has been slowly releasing the gadget in waves. The India launch is tenth such wave of releases, closely following Chile, Philippines and South Africa launch on October 23.

Apple Watch needs to be synced at least with iPhone 5/higher or iOS 8.2/higher version to get best possible experience. Apple Watch can be used to read emails, make a voice call, track fitness (via app), listen to music and various such tasks. The nifty device also understands SIRI voice based commands and will also support Apple Pay and other NFC based payment modes.

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It runs watchOS, which flaunts circular icons on the home screen. These tiny circular icons are accessible either via touch panel or through tiny crown placed on the side of the Apple Watch. Apple Watch is a niche product and is likely to be received well as a fashion cum tech accessory for die hard fans. What do you think about Apple Watch? Will it set new sales record in India or will it get a luke warm response? Please share your opinion.