Apple and Comcast planning to start TV streaming service

By | March 24, 2014

If a Wall Street Journal report is to be believed we could soon see Apple and Comcast signing a deal to stream live TV and stored content on cloud. This partnership would utilize Apple Set-Top box and will get priority over other web services so that it bypasses any web congestion on Comcast cable network. The deal is currently in a nascent stage and if sealed would lead to modernization of TV viewing.

What it essentially means is Apple would pay a premium to Comcast to access over 30 million Comcast customers and that too with dedicated bandwidth to deliver high quality TV streaming. We would not call it exactly the same scenario, but in February Netflix inked a partnership with Comcast to provide a “high quality Netflix experience” to Comcast subscribers for years to come. The specifics of the deal were not made public however industry sources claim that Netflix paid for the privilege of making it stand in front of the line.Apple and Comcast partnership

So many stakeholders and general public has become skeptical about the net neutrality in the wake of such dubious deals. Net neutrality ensures your ISP doesn’t prioritize for one particular service by squeezing existing bandwidth in it’s favor and this is exactly what Comcast-Netflix deal has done. Apple may follow the suit soon if everything falls in place and no market regulator steps in. We believe this kind deals would eventually force other video streaming services like Youtube, Hulu, Vimeo etc to sign such deals otherwise their quality of service may go down with time on Comcast cable network.

Apple TV has been slow to penetrate the markets when compared to other Apple products and this lucrative deal with U.S.’s largest cable TV and internet provider could be a game changer. Apple would benefit from this deal by providing hassle free connectivity to last mile end user over Comcast Cable TV network and this would ensure hiccup and buffering free TV streaming for Apple TV viewers. Also Read: LG slashes price of it’s 55 inch curved OLED TV in U.S. by half