ZTE ZMAX makes a comeback on T-Mobile website

By | April 29, 2015

So finally T-Mobile has re-listed the ZTE ZMAX phablet on their website after official probe led by ZTE concluding that there is no problem with the device. This sounds as a good news for those who want a ZTE ZMAX phablet and that too from T-Mobile. We don’t have any information about the exact reason for earlier removal of ZTE ZMAX from T-Mobile website.

However, some sources claim that T-Mobile customers were trying to remove the ZTE ZMAX’s non-removable battery. They might have been instigated to this due to clipped back cover. Usually smartphones having non-removable battery also have a non-removable back cover.ZTE ZMAX T-MObile battery problem

T-Mobile received information about some of the ZTE ZMAX owners trying to remove battery with the help of screw driver and knife and they promptly reported it for ZTE’s consideration. After ZTE’s probe, both companies have worked things out and as a result T-Mobile recently sent a memo to its sales staff as shown in the picture above. Below is the memo text for your perusal.

On Wednesday April 15, we temporarily suspended sales of the ZTE ZMAX to investigate a potential battery problem. That investigation (led by ZTE) found that the problem resulted from a very small number of customers attempting to remove the non-removable ZMAX back and battery. As a result, we are resuming sales of the ZMAX immediately. Going forward, inform customers considering the ZMAX that the back and battery are not removable (as stated on the original back cover cling), and attempts to do so can result in injury and will void device warranty.

Action Steps:

  • Resume selling the ZTE ZMAX device and return all corresponding collateral to the sales floor
  • Inform customers who are interested or intend on purchasing the ZTE ZMAX that the back and battery are not removable, and the device should only be opened by an authorized service technician.

Recently Sony Xperia Z3 was also removed from T-Mobile lineup and was soon listed back on its website. ZTE ZMAX was off sale for around 10-12 days and it caused sales loss for both the companies as it was one of the best selling device on T-Mobile. But its good to see that common sense prevailed in the end. T-Mobile is now requesting its customers not to remove the battery, even though it looks just clipped on. It further warns that further attempts to remove battery may even void the phablet’s warranty.

News Source: TmoNews