Try Moto X for two weeks by paying only one cent

By | June 8, 2014

Motorola it seems is left with some Moto X  inventory and wants to clear it before proceeding with the announcement of its successor Moto X+1. This has become evident from its latest offer which allows one to go to its Moto Maker website, design one’s own Moto X and then go ahead and pay 1 cent using credit card to try it out for 2 weeks. If in case you like customized Moto X then your card will be charged for the full Moto X price. Otherwise you can return it back to Motorola.

This offer is just for June 9, 2014 which is tomorrow and with just one penny you can try out this excellent smartphone for two weeks. Isn’t that nice? Motorola wants to attract fence sitters with this deal. Those who are attracted to Moto X but are sceptical about its specs may be tempted to try out this smartphone. We personally believe that smart phones like Moto X stand for good user experience and judging them merely on the basis of specs is wrong.Moto X try for 1 cent

People generally don’t like the smartphones with lower specs but Moto X was a specially designed and crafted  phone. We have used this smartphone and it works as buttery smooth as iPhone. Motorola’s X8 Mobile Computing system basically optimizes the hardware with the software and thus it performs stupendously.

The offer is valid only on Monday, June 9 on the unlocked, contract-free model, until stocks last. So make sure you visit Moto Maker website tomorrow and experience what Moto X actually feels like.

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