Top 6 reasons to ditch your smartphone for feature phone

By | January 9, 2014

In last 2 years we have seen a smartphone wave taking over whole of the world. What began as a show off from iPhone flaunting fans has finally made it’s way to masses both in the developed as well as developing world. This smartphone phenomenon was substantiated by research house IDC last year when they reported for the first time in history that smartphone sales had overtaken feature phone sales. I’m pretty sure majority of you guys and girls would find it really difficult if you have to spend one day of your life without a smartphone. And you would call me insane if I advocate you to leave your precious smartphone for that old good for nothing feature phone. But before you start doing it I have my own reasons to stick with old feature phones and I’m about to tell you guys the benefit of having a feature phone over a smartphone:Ditch Smartphone for feature phone

1. Rough and Tough

Most smartphones have big screens and they crack even at the slightest of drop and if you not so lucky they shatter into pieces. It is really hard even for the most careful person to avoid a slip of phone from hand and it is evident from the number of cracked smartphones we see day in and day out.

Whereas if we talk of feature phones they are robust, rugged and can safely bear a fall from a height. All most all of you must be having Nokia 1100 or  Nokia 105 at one time. Feature phones are able to survive drops and accidental spills with ease, meaning that for clumsy users they are still a better choice.

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2. Data Privacy

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are two biggest operating software found in majority of the smartphones today. Do you know that these companies gather plethora a personal information while you search a location on Google maps or for that matter search something on web using smartphones. This information is ultimately used by internet marketers to target precise audience for their product campaigns and that’s how you get precise push updates and advertisements.

On the other hand feature phones are only as good as calling and sending some text messaging leaving nothing behind which could be personally identifiable.

3. Cost:

A few years ago splurging $600 on a phone was considered a lot but thanks to Apple and now Samsung they with the help of their premium branding are forcing us to shell out hard earned money.

If we talk of the feature phone they are available for as low as $50-$100 and this is just initial saving we get, a feature phone also saves us from phone thefts. Even if your $50 feature phone do get stolen you won’t feel that heavier compared to loosing a $500 smartphone.

 4. Anyone can use a feature phone

Have you ever seen a grandpa or a grandma grappling with a smartphone? Most of the middle aged and old people struggle to operate smartphones. To complex it further we have so many operating softwares like Android, iOS, blackberry to name a few. On top of that we have company specific user interfaces or UI to make things more complex, for example Touchwiz UI of Samsung and HTCSense UI from HTC.

Where as feature phones are really easy to operate and handle. They have a simple alphanumeric keypad and simple user interface which even a layman can understand quickly. There is a quick green colored call button and a red colored call disconnect button.

5. Phone form (shape)

All the smartphones come in one form or shape and that is candy bar which seems to be monotonous. However of late we have seen some bendable screens from LG (in LG G flex), but the basic shape still remains candy bar.

Now if we talk of feature phones they are available in variety of shapes and sizes like Candy bar, Clam shell or flip phones, Slider phone etc.

5. Human Sized

There was a time in early part of last decade when mobile companies were in a competition to reduce the size of their mobile phones. Smaller was considered beautiful until year 2007 came when Apple came out with iPhone and smartphone craze began. Smartphone sizes have increased since then and have grown to humongous proportions with the latest Samsung Note coming with a 5.7 inch touchscreen, Nokia 1520 goes ahead with a 6 inch touch screen. These sizes may be great for media consumption but are by no means these smartphones or phablets are fit to be used as phones.

Earlier feature phones were sized appropriately so that they snug neatly into our hands.

6. Good Battery life

Smartphone batteries are getting more and more powerful with each passing day but even then they fall short of full fill the energy needs of Quad core and Octa core processors. Now a days some smartphone users even carry a spare battery or a power bank to recharge their smartphones on the go.

In the era of feature phones battery was never a problem. A 1000 mAh battery was considered more than sufficient for 2-3 days of heavy usage.