Rumored Nokia Normandy Android smartphone spotted on evleaks twitter page

By | December 24, 2013

It has long been rumored that Nokia once had planned to come out with an Android device just in case Windows phone fails to take off successfully. It was some kind of a plan B. Now it has come out that serial leaker evleaks has posted some of the press photos of much rumored Nokia Normandy android smartphone. As per the pics posted by evleaks Normandy would be available in 6 vibrant colors and will be having Nokia logo on the back panel as well as above the ear phone at the front. Nokia Normandy looks like a hybrid which resembles both Lumia and Asha range of smartphones. It has a microUSB port at the bottom side and it also sports a rear camera, but specifics of these features are as rumored as the phone itself is. Some websites have reported that it will have a 4-4.5 inch display (WVGA) and a power, volume button at the right side.

Nokia Normandy more of seems like a rumor now that the tech giant has been acquired by Microsoft, but it certainly indicates that earlier some people in Nokia were skeptical about the future of Windows phone and were in favor of Android.Nokia Normandy

Earlier there were some reports as well that Nokia has dropped Normandy project but who knows they might just surprise us with Normandy.

I personally believe that Nokia missed the bus the day they abandoned Android platform for developing their own operating system to rival Google’s Android. Apart from that Nokia was also struck with it’s outdated Symbian OS. Whereas it’s rival Samsung smelled the opportunity at the right time and started taking advantage of an emerging android platform at the same time developing it’s own operating system Bada.

Lets see if Nokia Normandy actually comes out as has been rumored. Don’t worry we will keep you posted on this!

Source: Evleaks twitter page