OnePlus One headed for India, confirms company

By | August 1, 2014

India is a key market for most of the smartphone companies and OnePlus the Chinese smartphone maker has lately realized this. So the company has started showing concern for India by writing a dedicated post on their official blog. Apparently company has realized that its Indian fan base has grown to such a proportion that soon it will have to launch its only device OnePlus One here. In another revelation company also made public that India ranks 8th in terms of hits delivered to its website and which is a proxy to company’s popularity in India.

As of now OnePlus One is available in select markets and that too on invite basis which has created a huge demand for it. Even though the company has shown its desire to enter Indian market but hasn’t communicated any concrete timeline for the same. OnePlus is using its official forums to be as interactive as possible asking users for any suggestions etc.OnePlus One

“It’s safe to say that we’re interested in India. Being such a young company, we also know that India is a huge challenge. We’re all about creating a great user experience from end to end. We understand that there is lots to learn, consider and set up before we can officially launch in this vast country.” company said in a post on its official forum. This statement clearly indicates OnePlus’s eagerness to come to India but hasn’t disclosed any details of price or availability.

Apparently OnePlus One face head on competition from compatriot Xiaoimi’s Mi3 which has comparable specs and even better pricing. On top of it, Xiaomi has partnered with India’s largest online retailer Flipkart for exclusively selling Mi3 and Indian consumers are just lapping it up. The first Xiaomi Mi3 consignment was sold within 35 minutes of listing on Flipkart while a second sale saw Mi3 vanishing withing 5 seconds. Currently Flipkart has planned for 3rd round of sale on 5th of August and those interested in buying Mi3 have to pre register just to try their luck out!

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Now let’s get back to OnePlus One! It definitely has an edge over current rage Mi3 as it runs a more robust SoC i.e., Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 which is supported by a better 3 GB RAM. What makes the deal all the more sweeter is the presence of CyanogenMod OS (based on Android) in OnePlus one. In simple terms it allows you to retain the look and feel of the the stock Android while at the same time allowing you to tweak and play with the custom Android settings.

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One problem that can crop up while launching OnePlus One in India is the huge market size and how quickly OnePlus can scale up its production facilities to meet huge demand. We don’t think invite system could work for OnePlus One in India as there are plenty of options now at this price point and newer keep coming every week or two. So to be successful in a market like India OnePlus has to rise up to the occasion and start increasing it production volumes and even drop prices.