Lenovo comes up with Yoga range of android tablets

By | November 16, 2013

Around two weeks ago Lenovo took the wraps off from it’s new range of android powered Yoga Tablets. Now these devices have been launched in India too and are up for grabs on company’s online store.

The name “Yoga” appears to have been derived from the form factor these tablets have. Yoga tablets have a cylindrical bar handle at one end which houses the tablets battery and is mainly responsible for it vertical and tilted positions. These tablets come in two variants i.e. 8 inch and 10 inch and are respectively named as Yoga Tablet 8 and 10.

Lenovo claims that cylinder changes weight distribution for enhanced usage in every mode i.e. Steady in Stand Mode, Comfort in Hold Mod, Balance in Tilt Mode. Both the devices are equipped with front-facing speakers with Dolby® Digital Plus for improved clarity and sound performance.

“We have re-engineered the tablet from ground-up to offer users a better way to experience the tablet. We are confident that the Yoga tablet will redefine the category and set the stage for devices that are in sync with the evolving needs of the consumer,” said Shailendra Katyal, Director – Consumer Business, Lenovo India.

Battery in both Yoga 10 and 8 are huge enough to last for 18 hours as per company’s claim. Yoga 10 is powered by a humongous 9000 mAh battery, whereas Yoga 8 has a 6000 mAh Battery.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Lenovo has attached a kick stand behind the cylinder which opens to let the tablet stand on its own. The shape and placement of the battery cylinder makes this lightweight tablet easier to grip and better for one-hand use. Its ergonomic design shifts the center of gravity to make it more comfortable for your wrist.

The Yoga tablets comes with smart Bluetooth® keyboards, which also works as a magnetized cover to protect your device and enhances your productivity on the go.

Lenovo Yoga Tablets price:

Yoga tablet 8 starts at $249 whereas Yoga Tablet 8 starts at $299 in United States. Whereas in India  8-inch model is priced Rs 22,999 while the 10-inch version will cost Rs 28,999.

Lenovo Yoga Tablets Key features and specs:

  • Battery: 9000 mAh for Yoga 10 and 6000 mAh for Yoga 8
  • HD display (1280 x 800 pixels)
  • Dual front-facing speakers with Dolby Digital Plus
  • Mediatek’s 1.2 Ghz processor and Android’s Jelly Bean operating system.
  • Camera: 5MP rear and a 1.6MP front facing
  • 8 Inch Tablet supports voice calling as well
  • Laser-etched back panel which is scratches proof