Apple iPhone 5S outsells iPhone 5C

By | October 15, 2013

As was expected Apple’s iPhone 5S sales numbers have managed to beat those of iPhone 5C. The swanky iPhone 5S is outselling it’s cheaper counterpart with much ease. Analysts believed that with lower price difference between the two models customers are obviously going for premium version but the final sales difference is way above the Apple’s expectations.  Apple may even slash the orders for iPhone 5C because of weaker than expected demand.

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) research data shows that Apple’s iPhone 5s accounted for 64% of total iPhone sales at the end of September. While the cheaper 5C accounted for 27% of sales while 4S contributed 9%. This clearly shows that 5S is selling more than twice the numbers when compared with 5C. In the U.S. the iPhone 5s is available for $199 on a two year contract with mobile service provider while 5C is available for $99 and 4S is available for free. iphone 5S 5C

If we talk of emerging markets like India and China where Apple wants to increase it’s footprint, these markets are also in favor of 5S. The Neo-rich in these markets prefer to buy a more expensive devices to flaunt and improve upon their social image. Apple knew that Apple iPhone 5 with almost same specs will steal the thunder from 5C but it’s strategy to phase out iPhone 5 from market seems to have failed. iPhone 5 managed to account for 68% of all iPhone sales during its first month of availability which is somewhat better than 5s if we look in isolation. However if we factor in 5C sales than it would have performed better than iPhone 5.