How to Prepare for IIT JEE Advance

By | May 7, 2016

IIT is a premium institute for students who are looking for best college to pursue a degree in Engineering. Earlier all IIT’s had their separate entrance exams known as JEE (Joint Entrance Exam), but in 2012 government made JEE centralized entrance exam for admission in any government engineering college.In 2012, the government-run Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) that earlier conducted the AIEEE, announced this common examination that replaced the AIEEE and IIT-JEE. JEE consists of two parts, JEE Main and JEE Advanced.. First one is known as JEE Main, every student has to take this exams to secure a seat in government engineering colleges. Other phase in JEE Advance, people who clear the cut off in JEE Main appear in Advance to get admission in IIT’s.

On 27th April results for JEE Main was made public. Since then students who got secured enough marks to appear for Advance must be preparing hard. IF you are among those fortunate students and want to know the tips and do’s and don’ts while preparing for advance then you are at the right place. While preparing for such a competitive exams every small thing matters, you learning style, your study plan, even your diet and state of mind. So I am going to list few things which will help you get better results in less time.

  • Plan your Study Don’t count number of Hours : Number of hours you study doesn’t matter, the amount of matter you study and the amount of concept you grasp is what matters. You can’t always relate success with the amount of time you devote, if you spend less time with right methods still you will be able to perform better if you devote more time with wrong methods.  Hence always always include these things in your daily goals
    • topics you will study,
    • preparing notes for the topics you have studied,
    • solve practice questions or numericals related to the topics, and
    • solve at least two practice papers, sample papers, mock tests, or IIT JEE past year papers a day.
  • Keep track of time while you are solving practice papers. In JEE Advance speed and accuracy both are  equally important. You don’t want to solve only 9,10 question during entire exams, do you?
  • Study Early in Morning : It has been scientifically proved that the mind functions faster during morning time, it is at its optimum level at morning. Even I have many time noticed that the amount of time to complete a mind engaging task in morning is almost half that it takes in late night. So it is better to study early in morning than studying late night.
  • Learn lengthy concepts and definitions using bullet lists and use main keywords of the definitions and concept instead of memorizing the entire lengthy sentences.
  • Keep you mind and Body Fit : Never compromise with you sleep. Always take a good 6 to 8 hours sleep as it is important to have sound sleep as brain do the most memory reshuffle when you are sleeping and you will be able to retain  things for long time. Experiment with you sleep timings and find out your comfort zone.  Watch TV and use computer and mobiles for small duration. Exercise daily. Go for a walk, jump rope or play active sports for at least an hour a day. And drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. They will not only keep you healthy but also help your skin to glow. You do not want your chances ruined to win over the rare beauties at the institute do you? Well, it would be a terrible, terrible mistake!

So these are few things you should keep in mind while preparing for JEE Advance. Good Luck for your Exams. Do share your personal experiences and things you do to get better performance.

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