How to install and run Endless OS on a Windows PC?

By | April 7, 2017

Endless Operating System or Endless OS – is a free Linux based operating system that makes using computer simpler and easier for everyone. Endless OS is very simple to use and apps opens just like a smart phone from home screen. It hosts a lot of useful content on travel, cooking and enclclopedia offline. Endless OS is available in two versions, Endless Basic and Endless OS to install Endless OS

So that was a brief introduction of Endless OS, now without further ado let’s move straight to installing and running it on a Windows PC. If you are a current Windows user then you can easily install and run Endless OS using dual boot functionality. Once Endless OS is successfully installed on system, you’ll be able to easily switch between Windows and Endless OS each time computer restarts.

Below we have composed a step by step procedure for successfully installing and running Endless OS on a Windows PC. Here we go:

  1. First of all visit and download the latest version of Endless OS from their website on your hard drive (C drive).
  2. Once downloaded keep the installer in a separate folder (name it Endless OS or whatever) so that all log files and temp files during installation process gets collected in the same folder.
  3. Now open the folder and double click on the installer icon. Once you do that a window will pop out asking you to run the file. Just click on run and proceed further.
  4. Now the installer window opens up, which gives us an option of installing Endless OS in any of the 14 languages like English, Hindi, Bangla, German etc. Once you select the language of your choice from drop down menu just click on ‘Install Endless’ button as shown below.Endless OS
  5. We have two options now, first either to go for downloading and installing Endless OS basic which is a 1.6 GB file equipped only with basic set of features or second to go for 12.9 GB full fledged Endless OS FULL, which comes with 100+ apps and loads of preloaded content. If storage space is not an issue on your computer, we recommend going for Endless OS FULL.
  6. Once chosen version of Endless OS is downloaded and installed successfully on your computer, just close the installation window and restart the computer.
  7. When the computer restarts it will provide two options i.e. Microsoft Windows as well as Endless OS as shown in the screenshot below. You may click on any of the operating system of your choice. Finally we have successfully installed the Endless OS on our Microsoft Windows powered PC.

If for any reason you don’t like Endless OS then you can simply uninstall it just like any other program by visiting control panel and selecting uninstall a program. Apart from that if you don’t want to install Endless OS on your primary drive(C Drive) for any reason, then you can always run it from a bootable USB drive.