How to increase Google Adsense Earnings and CTR

By | October 30, 2013

No one can beat Google Adsense when it comes to monetizing your website by serving advertisements. The contextual nature of ads automatically brings in lots of clicks and earnings. But what if I tell you that your Adsense earning can be increased or may be multiplied just by implementing simple tips. Your cost per click or CPC will be more or less the same depending upon the niche of your website. However one thing can be improved upon to increase your Adsense earning and that is to increase your Click through rate or CTR. I have written down some of the points which if properly worked upon can increase your CTR and hence earnings. Here we go.

Write Great Content:

If you know your niche well then you will always end up writing quality content and as a result more people will read and share your article on social bookmarking websites. This will in turn increase your social signs and hence your content will be ranked higher over a period of time. This will bring in more traffic and hence more clicks. Always try to write genuine and authentic content as Google always reward sites with unique and interesting articles.

Apart from the traffic thing unique and targeted content will load more targeted ads on your website which will further increase your click through rate.

Increase google adsense earning and CTR

Increase google adsense earning and CTR

Ad Size and placement:

This is an area where I like to differ with most of the tech gurus who ask you to play with size and color of your ad units. I have experimented a lot with ad color and sizes and believe you me nothing works like default google ads. The logic behind this is simple. Today’s website visitors are smart and they can make it out easily between ads and content and if you try to fool them by merging with surrounding content they are less likely to click on ads even if it interests them. Clearly tell them that these are ads by using default google ads. I also have placed default google ads on this blog and some of my old blogs and they have always performed better than camouflaged ads.

Try to use Adsense recommended ad sizes like 160*600 wide skyscrapper, 336*280  large rectangle or 728*90 leaderboard. They always perform better than other ad sizes.

Now comes placement. Placement is very crucial to increase your google adsense CTR or click through rate. It is one thing which can be attained by experimenting with different placement plans. What might work for my blog may not work for your. Personally I like placing one Large rectangle below the content title with content wrapped around it. Wrapping content around the ad makes it more liable to be clicked. Another placement that I like is just below the post end. After reading your blog post the reader must be looking for something relevant on the subject and most likely a contextual ad placed in here has a high chance of getting clicked.

The third ad unit can be placed in the side bar or in the header of the blog as these areas also attract a lot of attention span.

Stick to Adsense:

Believe me if your content is interesting and you manage to get decent traffic than don’t implement other advertising programs like Kontera, Infolinks etc. They basically take away your hard earned traffic for pennies and some times you don’t even get those pennies as well. I personally have experienced a spike of around 2-3% in CTR when I stopped using infolinks on one of my previous websites. Just stick to adsense and it will give you a much better ROI then any other advertising programs.

Image and Text ads:

Never ever select only text or only image ads as google is smart enough to figure out the best ads for your content. Suppose if you have only enabled text ads but the relevant and high paying ads might be present only in the image format. So in a nut shell you loose out on revenue if you disable any of the image or text ads.

Visitor Location:

The kind of content you generate determines the kind of visitors you attract. It is a well known fact the traffic from US, UK and some other European nations pays you well. Try to write some focused articles which bring in readers from these geographic locations. By doing so you will be able to get more out of your efforts. Even if you fail to write focused articles for these locations then at least write something generic which gets a size able numbers from these locations.

Internal Links:

Give your site visitors some reason to stay for more time on your blog or website. Simply insert a related article link within content or make some word or sentence as anchor text for  this particular link.

Apart from that you may also include related article section at the end of the post as I have done in my blog. Doing this has two benefits. One your reader gets to read something related to his liking and he will spend more time and probably will increase your CTR. Second internal linking improves you search engine rankings.


Increasing Google Adsense CTR and hence earning is not a one step process. You need to implement and experiment with the things enlisted above. If one thing doesn’t work for you then move on to the other. Keep doing this till you achieve the desired results. And last but not the least never loose hope and keep working. You will one day reap the reward of your hard work.