How to use Candy Crush Saga Modded apk or Mods

By | March 8, 2014

Candy Crush Saga is very simple yet addictive game which is available across all the platforms as well as social networking website such as Facebook. The game is addictive but it may very well frustrate you as you need other’s assistance as well as some luck to pass many levels. Using mods or modded apk of candy crush saga you can overcome any challenge and can move upto any level really quick.

Recently I posted an article on Candy Crush Saga Modded apk with unlimited lives, boosters & moves and similarly you can have mods for Normal moves + 30 extra moves, bomb timings turns to 99 and mandatory friend invite or payment to level up removed. The first step you need to do is to download a mods or modded apk from some trusted torrent or other website. We have also provided the third party link in our post for modded apk. Apart from mobile you may also download candy crush saga on your PC and play it.How to use candy crush saga modded apk

While you download the modded apk from a website bear in mind that these type of softwares might carry virus or malware so before downloading apk read the user reviews in the comments section of the website. Once you download it on your computer than scan it using your anti virus software.

Once you are done with downloading the modded apk then trasfer it to your mobile. Now uninstall the original (current) version of Candy Crush Saga from your smartphone and don’t worry it is not going to delete your game scores. Now login into your facebook account and remove the candy crush saga from your facebook account as has been shown below. Removing it will disconnect the connection between Facebook and the device. Be careful not to select the check box as shown in the picture below.Facebook CCS uninstall

Now locate the modded apk in your device using some file explorer app. Once you locate the modded apk double click on it and it will ask your permission to install. Give your permission and follow the prompts that follow. This way candy crush saga modded apk will be installed on your smartphone. Now try to connect it back to facebook and it will connect succesfully. Now you are ready to amaze your friends with your candy crush saga scores!

Note: This trick will not work while playing candy crush saga on Facebook. (both PC as well as mobile)