How to Transfer Messages, Contacts from Android to Computer

By | August 12, 2014

Users may find that mobile memory is too small to store accessory data after it is used for a period of time. So, important information needs to be backed up in the computer by transferring data from mobile phone. For example, why external memory card are adopted by Android phone users is due to small volume of internal memory. Therefore, Android users prefer to install Coolmuster Android Assistant to upload critical information from Android phone to their computer for back up, editing information, or clearing some spaces for new messages in mobile phone. As the necessary transferring software, this program can help users export or import any data such as messages and contacts from Android phone to computer. As we know, there are more than three hundreds contacts and more than one thousands messages saved in users mobile phone on an average. To most mobile phone users, sending text messages is one of most important ways to communicate or to do business. Therefore, it’s necessary to protect your SMS from getting

Transferring SMS from Android phone to computer is a good way to keep your SMS safe. Now you can easily backup your Android phone SMS to computer with a Android phone management tool. Android SMS Transfer is a professional Android management software which can help you export SMS from Android devices to computer as .xml or .txt files. You can also backup Contacts, Video, Photo, Music and more to computer with this Android data transfer. Android SMS Transfer support all Android phone no matter what brand what type and keep your Android data 100% risk-free.

Moreover, users need to upgrade contacts and messages regularly according to contact persons increasing required by workplace. The best solution is to install Coolmuster Android Assistant to transfer all messages and contacts to their computers so that they can delete unnecessary information from their Android phone. This program can help users complete all transferring, importing and exporting operations. The download processing only takes a few seconds from internet. With the small volume and powerful function, the program can display all information of user’s Android phone from the interface immediately once the mobile phone connects to the computer. When you need to copy contacts from Android to computer, for backup, Coolmuster Android Assistant also do great job on that, following this guide: how to copy contacts from Android to

According to the functional bar on the interface, users can look for certain information that they need to upload to computer. As there are many files available in the list, users can create different files for collecting them in various formats accordingly such as video, doc, pictures, and PDF. The files will look very nice after exporting so as to save much time in clearing them up. For bulky files, users can choose the option of “transfer in group”, for example, when all contacts need to transfer to computer. If only certain messages need to uploaded, users can select the target messages one by one and then transferring. There are a few options of transferring type in the functional bar. The first one is the common transferring method. By pressing this icon, the processing of transferring can start after target files are confirmed during selection. Users can check the files on the computer when the same name files as their mobile’s appears. For most of users, the next step is to edit the contacts and messages by renaming or doing categories.

In practical, Coolmuster Android Assistant is the outstanding software for users to keep on their computers. It is very convenient for users to transfer data between their Android phone and computer. More important, they can source some information by tracing back the exported text message, and contacts from Android phone to computer. Once they find them from their computer, the data can be imported back to their Android mobile. In fact, novices need this program more than others.

Please note that this post has been sponsored by Coolmuster Android Assistant software.