How to take a screenshot from Samsung Galaxy Note 4

By | September 29, 2014

Well smartphones enable us to do various tasks easily provided we know how to do it. Screenshots are one of the fastest ways to share your smartphone screen particularly when apps like Facebook doesn’t allow you to copy the text. Samsung’s latest flagship phablet Galaxy Note 4 has created lots of buzz around the world and will be launched any time soon. Many of you might want to take a screenshot as soon as you get one! But it might pose a little challenge if you don’t know how to do it especially when you are an Android newbie.

There are three easy ways you can use to take the first screenshot from your brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. These three methods to take screenshot on Galaxy Note 4 are the classic way, Karate Chop gesture and finally with the help of S Pen that comes along every Galaxy Note device. Now lets start off with the easiest of all, the classic way!

The Classic Screenshot Method

In this method all you need to do is press the power and the home button both at the same time and hold on for few seconds. After 2-3 seconds you will see an animation on your screen and if your camera sound is on, then you will also hear a click, indicating that the screenshot has successfully been taken. Now you can simply swipe down from the top of the display and tap on the screenshot icon to view the screenshot stored in the gallery.Samsung-Galaxy-Note-4

The Karate Chop Gesture Method:

As far as this method is concerned it comes with other galaxy devices like S3, S4 and Note 3 as well. Karate Chop method is an in built features that comes along with the Samsung TouchWiz user interface. To use this feature on your brand new Galaxy Note 4 first make sure that this feature has been turned on in the settings, which could easily be located under Motions and Gesture Menu. To start with you have to put your palm vertically to the Note 4 display as shown in the picture below and then swipe across the display. A scan animation coupled with a sound will appear on your Note 4, which indicates that screenshot has been taken successfully.Karate Chop on Galaxy Note 4

Using S Pen method:

S Pen is specialized stylus which comes along with Note 4 and improves the its productivity. Using S Pen you can also take a screenshot and even write on it. All this is done by Air Command functionality that comes into play as soon as you pull out the S Pen from Galaxy Note 4. So to start with first pull out the S Pen from its designated place, as soon as you do that Air Command interface appears on the screen. If the Air Command somehow did not appear then you need to hover the S Pen over the screen and press the button on the S Pen.Samsung-Galaxy

Once the Air Command menu appears tap on the Screen Write option as seen in the picture above. As soon as you do that, the screenshot will be captured and you can start writing, drawing or scribbling on it.

In each of the three methods that we today shared with you the screenshot will be shown in the notification area as soon as it gets captured. From here you can share your screenshot on various social networking websites or you can simply mail it to someone. One this screenshot notification is gone from notification area, you can access it from the gallery app as well.