How to pay SBI Credit Card Bill online or offline

By | January 4, 2014

State Bank of India (SBI) is the largest public sector or Government owned bank of India and headquartered in Mumbai. It is a multinational bank with over 190 foreign offices at the time of writing this blog post. It offers a variety of services starting from savings (checking) account, current accounts, commercial loans, auto loans, personal loans, mortgage lending and credit cards to name a few.

So this was a brief introduction to SBI as a bank. This blog post will introduce you to various convenient ways of paying your SBI credit card bill both online as well as offline. Well to start with bank gives you a cut off day to pay your credit card bill. Try to pay at least 1 or 2 days before the payment day to avoid late payment charges as they are usually on the higher side. Sometimes we miss the credit card payment on time as we are generally unaware of simpler ways to do so. Below we have listed some of the easiest way to pay your SBI credit card bill:

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Pay SBI credit card bill using billdesk:

Billdesk is a trusted payment gateway used by thousands of company’s across India. I also mentioned about this service on my blog post “How to pay ICICI credit card bill“. It’s a wonderful service and is 100% secure and free to use. I have successfully made many of my credit card and other payments using billdesk payment gateway.

Pay SBI credit card bill online offlineIf you want to pay using billdesk then simply click on this link. Once this webpage opens you will have to enter your 16 digit SBI credit card number twice, your email id, mobile number and payment amount. Now after entering all this information you will see two radio buttons one giving you option to either pay using your debit card or Netbanking account. Now select the debit card or netbanking account from drop down menu given below the radio buttons. After this you will be forwarded to respective debit card or netbanking website for payment. Accordingly enter your netbanking username and password or debit card details to make payment.

Pay using SBI Netbanking account:

If you have a SBI netbanking or online banking account then you can pay your SBI credit card bill much more quickly. Just log in to onlineSBI website using your credentials. Now you have two ways to pay your credit card. First you can click on the Bill Payment tab of the website, now you click on All India biller radio button and select SBI Cards and Payment Services Private Ltd. from the drop down menu. Now you need to enter your name and credit card number click submit and you are done.

Second method can only be used if you have a SBI VISA credit card. You need to add VISA credit card beneficiary under e cards tab. Once the beneficiary card is added you can simply click on credit card VISA bill pay link located on the left under the same e-cards tab.

Pay using SBI mobile banking:

First you need to register for the SBI freedom either at SBI ATM or your home branch. Apart from that SBI freedom has two mode of operation. First is normal data based app and second one is USSD or SMS based application. You may download the SBI freedom application from Google play and Apple store as well.

When you log in to SBI Freedom app you will see a tab for credit card payment. Simply follow the instructions to pay your SBI credit card bill.

Pay using SBI Auto Debit facility:

Auto Debit payment option saves you the effort of remembering your payment due date every month towards the payment of your SBI credit card dues. You need to authorize SBI Card to deduct the amount directly from your SBI & SBI Associate bank account every month and your Card Account will be credited.

To authorize SBI you need to download the auto debit authorization form, fill it properly and get it verified from your branch. You can either choose between paying Minimum due amount or Total outstanding each month. After that you need to send this to address given below:

SBI Card & Payment Services Ltd

P.O. Bag No.28, GPO, New Delhi – 110001

Pay SBI Credit Card bill from SBI ATM:

As an SBI Cardholder you can walk into any SBI ATM and go to the Bill Pay option Under services Head,  where you can pay your SBI Card dues by mentioning your Credit Card number & Amount, An instant payment acknowledgement receipt will be provided to you after paying your bill.

This mode of payment is one of the best as there are about 27,000+ SBI ATM’s across the nation and one must be nearby your home or office or anywhere else. Your payment gets credit within 2 working days to your credit card account.

Pay SBI credit card bill through cheque:

This is the good old way of paying all your bills. You can write a cheque favoring “State Bank of India A/c Credit Card No. XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX” and drop in your nearest SBI cheque deposit box. Apart from that you may also pay using cash at any SBI branch by using a pay-in slip and attaching the SBI card bill with it.

I hope this blog post helps you in one way or other.