How to pay ICICI credit card bill online

By | October 26, 2013

As I write this article ICICI Bank is second largest Indian bank by assets and third largest by market capitalization. In this era of technology you can save a lot of time and efforts by paying your bill online using various channels. Similarly ICICI bank customers can pay their credit card bills online with the comfort of their home or office.

Most important thing to note here is that it is not mandatory to have a saving account with ICICI bank to pay your ICICI credit card bill online. Most of the methods listed here are more or less similar to what I posted in a article How to pay HDFC Credit card bill online. Without much delay now we explore different ways to pay your ICICI credit card bill online.

Pay ICICI credit card bill through Auto Debit:

If you have an existing savings account with ICICI bank then you can simply give a standing instruction to bank to deduct either the minimum balance or full bill amount each month on a fixed day. This saves you from writing cheques every month to bank in order to pay your credit card bill. If you already have an Internet banking Credit Card user-id then click here to login and register.

ICICI bank credit card

ICICI bank credit card

In case you don’t have internet banking activated on your account then you may call up their 24 Hour Customer care and ask the Customer Care Executive to set you up for the auto debit facility. If you feel internet banking is not for you then just download the Auto Debit Form (PDF), fill it and deposit it to your nearest ICICI bank branch.

Pay ICICI credit card bill through Internet Banking:

This is one of the most convenient and transparent method of paying your ICICI credit card dues on time. You just need to register your card in the credit card section of your netbanking account. All you need is your 16 digit credit card number, credit card ATM PIN.

Once your credit card is attached with the online banking you may  make transactions like accessing account information – current and last statement – getting your payment status, viewing your monthly statement by e-mail, requesting a duplicate PIN, requesting a replacement card or an add-on card, redeeming points online from the Rewards catalogue and subscribing to statement by e-mail and mobile alerts.

Just log into your online banking account, click on credit card tabs, look out for pay your card bill link. Now just enter whatever amount you want to pay and you are done.

Pay ICICI credit card bill through Mobile banking:

If you have an online banking account then your mobile banking account will be automatically active. Just download the ICICI bank mobile banking app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and login using your net banking credentials. Similar to the  online banking click on credit card section and then look for payment link. After that enter the amount you want to pay and click enter.

ICICI bank mobile banking app

ICICI bank mobile banking app

Pay ICICI credit card bill through ATM:

Locate nearest ICICI bank ATM. Take out your ATM or debit card and swipe it into ATM machine slot. Once the login screen appears click on credit card tab that appears within different options. Now click on make a payment. Enter the amount you want to pay and then enter. The bill amount will be instantly debited from your savings or current account and credited to credit card account.

Pay ICICI credit card bill using Click to Pay with other bank accounts:

With click to pay you may use other bank debit card or netbanking account to pay your ICICI credit card dues. Apart from that ICICI bank debit cards and netbanking can also be used here. click to pay

Simply Select the card type or the netbanking account from the drop down menu situated in the right corner of the page. Now provide your credit card details like 15/16-digit ICICI Bank Credit Card number twice and enter the outstanding amount against your Credit Card and click ‘Pay Now’. You will be redirected securely to your selected card payment gateway.

Now enter the authentication information. Your debit card or netbanking account would be debited instantly and as a proof you will receive the Transaction reference number on your registered mobile and email id.

Pay ICICI credit card bill through Cheque:

This is the good old way of paying your credit card bill. If all other methods look tedious to you then you may opt for this payment mode in the end. You just need to write a cheque or draft favouring ICICI Bank Credit Card No. XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX and drop it into the collection box at any ICICI Bank branch / erstwhile The Bank of Rajasthan branch/ Skypak drop boxes / ATM locations where drop boxes are available.