How to Charge Your iPhone or Android Smartphone Faster

By | May 27, 2014

Times have totally changed since Apple launched iPhone for the very first time way back on 2007. Since then a bevy of smartphones came, with each generation more powerful and smarter than its predecessor. However with the advancement of processing power no research went into increasing the battery capacity accordingly. What this essentially means is that your processing power gobbles up your battery power faster with only a marginal increase in battery capacity. So the only option left is to save your smartphone battery as much as you can using different techniques like using power saving apps, turning off GPS etc.

But there is one more thing you can do and that is to charge your iPhone or Android smartphone as fast as possible when it runs out of power. Just think of the times when you are about to leave your place and you grab your iPhone or Android smartphone only to find it screaming for a charge. We are going to list down some handy tips which will ensure that your iphone gets charged as much as possible in shortest possible time! Read on.

Charge your iPhone faster

Switch to Airplane Mode

Simply head to the settings screen with a tap and you will find the “Airplane Mode” option right at the top. Once again tap on it to turn on the airplane mode for a faster charge. When you turn on the airplane mode your iPhone or Android smartphone gets off from cellular network or WiFi and hence will not be able to make/receive call, send/receive text and also no data connection will be available. These things consume a lot of battery juice and once they are turned off your smartphone will be charged much faster. Keep in mind to turn off the airplane mode when your iPhone is sufficiently charged.

Turn off your smartphone:

Even while your iPhone or Android smartphone is on airplane mode, it still sucks away some of the battery juice as it is on standby and due to occasional screen wake up just to see how much charge has been achieved. We would personally like to hit the power button off as even in airplane mode you don’t get to do much with your smartphone. You will be surprized to see how quickly your iPhone will be charged.

Charge in a cooler atmosphere:

Hot surroundings actually degrades the charge holding capacity of your iPhone or Android smartphone’s battery. So it is advisable to charge your smartphone in cooler surroundings with no direct sunlight.

Even Apple confirms this finding “heat will degrade your battery’s performance the most” and advises that you “keep your iPhone out of the sun or a hot car (including the glove box).” 

Apart from the ambient tempreture, the heat coming out while your iPhone is charged may be trapped if it is covered by some object like iPhone casing etc. So before you go ahead with charging it make sure you remove all the casing etc. Cooler temperature doesn’t mean you have to keep it under AC, but make sure you keep it in room temreture range i.e., 22 degree celcius to 25 degree celcius.

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Charge with a wall charger:

If you want a faster charge then use wall charger to charge your iPhone or Android smartphone. All the smartphone manufacturers always advice this thing for a faster charge and a longer and more durable battery life. “Connect the device to a power outlet using the USB cable that came with the device and an Apple USB power adapter.” this is Apple’s advice for a quicker charge. 

Apart from all these tips to quickly charge your iPhone or Android smartphone, you need to maintain the battery as well. A Lithium ion battery found in most of the smartphones these days has electrons which keep shuttling between electrodes. In order to improve the battery life make sure you at least complete one full charge cycle in a month. To do that once in a month completely drain your battery and then charge it fully. This excercise will keep your battery in top shape always!