Whistle Phone Finder – Just Whistle And Find Your Phone

By | June 14, 2014

These days we see newer and more innovative apps being launched every now and then. These apps are user friendly and practical in nature most of the times. Our team recently spotted one such innovative and functional app dubbed as “Whistle Phone Finder”. This app basically helps you to trace your smartphone which may have been misplaced somewhere inside home or elsewhere. The trick is simple you whistle at your smartphone and it answers back with a prerecorded message or sound.

The app is one of the many innovative apps developed by Nine Hertz. This amazing phone finder app works on a unique algorithm that identifies your whistle sound and responds to it with a predefined sound which ultimately leads you to the device location. So the next time you misplace your phone, just whistle and your phone will respond. Well that’s an easy way to search your phone isn’t it?

Whistle Phone Finder app

Now you must be thinking about Marco Polo app (iOS) that we published recently. But there is a difference and that is, unlike Marco Polo the Whistle Phone Finder is an Android based app and that too without any price tag. Thousands of people have downloaded this app via Google Play for free and just loved it. Additionally, users can also customize the response tone of their mobile finder app accordingly.

From the look of the app to the usage, the phone finder app will amaze you in many ways. It comes preloaded with 20 different sounds to select and also it runs in background thus utilizes less power. This mobile finder app is a must download for any Android user.

You may check out the YouTube video below to understand its functionality.

This app will surely bring smile to Android users as it’s free and what separates it from Marco Polo is that works with a Whistle which is a fun as well.

Note: Nine Hertz has recently updated the Google Play description and mentioned that a new update is coming on June 14, 2014. As the users download is keep on increasing with tons of 5 star reviews, this update will bring all new design and more attractive features.