WhatsApp voice calling feature spotted by some users

By | February 4, 2015

WhatsApp the popular mobile messaging app owned by Facebook, Inc. is making headlines these days. Few days ago it was in the news for rolling out WhatsApp for web service, which allows users having Android, Windows or Blackberry smartphones to use WhatsApp on any computer. Now some of the users claim to have received WhatsApp voice calling feature update on their smartphones.

Some of the users from India have reported, what appears to be voice calling update on WhatsApp. One Reddit user from India, Pradnesh Patil, posted a screen shot of new feature. He claimed that voice calling feature is accessible only with a combination of latest WhatsApp version(2.11.508) and Android Lollipop. He claims to have used the WhatsApp voice calling feature on his Google Nexus 5 smartphone.Whatsapp voice call feature

“I can’t seem to send invites to other people; the only thing I can ensure is that it works in India for people running Lollipop 5.0.x on a Nexus 5. Other Indians without the earlier combo don’t get it,” Pradnesh wrote.

As far as we think it appears to be a soft launch of WhatsApp’s voice calling feature scheduled for a official roll out in near future. The Facebook owned company may be looking for any bugs or glitches before finally launching a full blown version. In fact the company has accepted it to be a beta testing on a small number of people.

With the launch of voice call service, WhatsApp is now all prepared to take on big players like Skype and Viber which dominate VoIP market as of now. In short this feature will increase the strong hold of WhatsApp in the mobile communication market. Jan Koum, the co-founder & CEO of WhatsApp, had last year disclosed company’s plan about introducing a voice call feature soon, while speaking to press at Mobile World Congress.

“We use the least amount of bandwidth and we use the hell out of it. We will focus on simplicity,” Koum said at the time.

Unfortunately Reddit pulled down many of the posts from the above mentioned user citing display of personally identifiable information. However, a youtube video showcasing the WhatsApp calling feature is still up and running on Youtube and we have attached it below for your convenience.

To gauge the magnitude at which WhatsApp operates today, around 30 billion WhatsApp messages are exchanged each day compared to 20 billion traditional texts exchanged per day. It has around 700 million active users per month, majority of which use Android OS powered devices.