WhatsApp voice calling feature now available to all Android devices

By | March 31, 2015

So finally after lots of gripes and waiting WhatsApp voice calling feature is being rolled out across all Android devices. Starting Tuesday most of the Android users have reported receiving the much hyped WhatsApp calling update. Earlier this month WhatsApp decided to roll out this update but things didn’t go really well as invites were rolled back. This feature was first reported by an Indian reddit user last year and since then people have been eagerly waiting for it!

The update brings with it, three tabbed layout which consists of Calls, Chats and Contacts tabs. Most of the android users have reported getting the update from Google Play Store itself, so you will be getting it sooner than later. Some users received the WhatsApp calling feature on version 2.12.5 on some smartphones, but in order to be sure of getting it, you should update it to version 2.12.14 or above either from company website or from play store.Whatsapp voice call feature

In order to make your very first WhatsApp call, all you need to do is hit the calls tab and then tap the phone icon in the top right corner to select the contact. At the time of writing this article, there is no word on roll out of WhatsApp calling feature to iPhone. Some sources reveal that, the voice call update may be launched withing next few weeks for iOS as well. There is no word yet on availability of this feature on other platforms like Windows, Blackberry etc. As of now only contacts on android will appear in your WhatsApp call list.

WhatsApp has quietly rolled out this update to android users and we feel it will definitely prove useful for most of the WhatsApp users. If you are still waiting for the feature to appear on your smartphone, then do check if there is any update waiting for your approval on Google Play Store. If you have already started using the feature, then do let us know your experience.