WhatsApp rolls out voice calling feature to Windows Phone

By | June 26, 2015

WhatsApp voice calling functionality was first rolled out for Android smartphones in April this year and later for the iOS devices as well. The much awaited voice calling update has finally hit the windows smartphone and users can now call friends and family using the app.

The WhatsApp voice call functionality surfaced last year and soon became one of the much awaited software update. The WhatsApp voice calling feature has been available on Android, Blackberry 10 and iOS for several months. WhatsApp uses either your cellular internet connection or WiFi to call, send text and other files to your WhatsApp contacts.WhatsApp Voice calling  Windows PhoneThe new WhatsApp update for Windows Phone (version also offers sending audio messages. You must note here that WhatsApp voice calling or VoIP calling service can only be availed on smartphones running Windows Phone 8 and above. As per the notes posted on official Windows Phone store, the WhatsApp calling feature can’t be used to call 911 or other emergency service numbers.

Earlier in April WhatsApp support team sent email to one Windows Phone user claiming that they are working on voice calling feature for windows platform and exact time frame could not be given. With successful roll out of VoIP call feature on all the major platforms, the company appears all set to give competitors like Skype and Viber a run for their money.

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In April, WhatsApp surpassed a whopping 800 millions active monthly users and as result became the most widely used instant messaging app.