WhatsApp rolls out material design update for android

By | May 17, 2015

The material design trend has finally hit the instant messaging giant WhatsApp. WhatsApp material design update has recently been rolled out for all the android devices and is available on Google Play store for download. The new material design user interface looks smooth and brings changes that have been incorporated in beta app(v.2.12.38) available on the official WhatsApp website for over a month.

The new update brings along lots of design changes, while the functionality remains as it is. The design may be new, but WhatsApp remains the same neat, clean and simple app as it always has been. The new version number is 2.12.84 and brings in new set of icons, animations, and colour-flipped emoji tray. WhatsApp material design update on Android

Below is the list of changes which have been incorporated into new material design update of WhatsApp:

1. The calls, chats and contacts tabs have been merged with the green color band on the top. The new task bar at the top now flaunts a new tinge of green color. To give you more viewing space, the task bar on the top collapses as soon as you scroll up your conversations and it again appears as you scroll down. View the picture below for details.WhatsApp new taskbar

2. If you remember, in the older version of WhatsApp, the emoji tray was black colored. In new material design, the emoji icons remain the same, the tray has acquired a different color. The emoji tray now comes in light shade of grey.Emoji tray in new material design WhatsApp

3. The recording button gets a new green color background to make it more prominent. The message box has also been worked up a little as seen in the picture below. The speech bubbles have also been tweaked little with different pointing arrow (see pic below).WhatsApp pointer arrow

4. When we tap on the attachment icon on the top right corner, we are greeted with a new set of icons for gallery, photo, video,audio, location and contact. Apart from the face lift, these icons background has been changed to light grey from black found in earlier versions.

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WhatsApp attachment

Furthermore, opening a conversation and tapping on the user’s name opens a bigger image of the user’s WhatsApp profile image along with other details like status, media, groups and others. So are you content with the changes rolled out in the new WhatsApp material design? What do you feel about the new update?