Strings messaging app lets you delete sent messages

By | January 3, 2015

Are you under panic attack after reading that embarrassing text messages you sent to your ex-girlfriend, colleague or friend after getting drunk on new year party? Now that the damage can’t be undone, the messages could have been deleted from your phone as well from receiver’s phone had you sent it using Strings messaging app. As per company, Strings is a refreshing new way for users to share information with exactly who they want and even take it back.

Seattle based startup Be Labs is behind this novel messaging app and they claim to have completed the beta testing for it. Strings as a messaging app which gives you full control over your personal conversations. The person you want to send messages to is also required to have already installed Strings on his/her device. Once Strings app is installed at both ends, anyone of the two can yank a sent message back anytime.Strings messaging app for iPHone

Strings app allows you to send text messages, pictures, videos of any length and even emails. That is not all this app has to offer, you as a Strings user can remove any message, pic, video or email from Strings servers and thereby from receiver’s device as well.

If by chance you send any embarrassing stuff to other person, he/she will need your permission to access it. If someone without your permission to save media of their devices takes a screenshot you will be notified in that case. That person will be warned by Strings app not to take screenshot without your permission. However, if person does not pay any attention even after 3 subsequent screenshots, then his account will be banned.

“Strings was born out of a need for a better way to communicate,” said Edward Balassanian, founder of Be Labs.

“We created the messaging app we wanted to use ourselves; one where we pull all the strings. By making it easy to control the context, content and audience for conversations, Strings gives us the confidence and comfort to have meaningful and personal interactions with family, friends, and colleagues,” said Balassanian.

“Strings launched in October and has seen significant engagement with initial testers. During the three-month beta period, app sessions increased 700 percent, new conversations increased 600 percent, and in-app comments increased by 1200 percent,” said Balassanian.

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“We think the time for Strings is now. With the privacy issues plaguing existing messaging apps, email, and texting, it’s time we had a messaging app that gives us complete control of our conversations,” Balassanian added.

Strings gives you specialized control over your conversations by allowing you to decide who sees what in a multi-user context. Permissions and access to device from within an app have come under suspicion since Snapchat hack, in which over 200,000 user’s private images were leaked.

Strings is currently only made available for iPhone users and can be downloaded from Apple Store.