Password Manager app 1 Password now available for Android

By | June 11, 2014

Are you in a habit of regularly forgetting your passwords or are the one always worried about the security of numerous passwords? Then fret not the one of the most decorated app which was always talked about by iPhone and Mac users is now available on your Android phones. That means you longer need to be jealous of your friends flashing their iPhone’s. The best part is that android smartphone users will be able to use it free of cost till August.

Earlier last month a news came out that the app developer Agile Bits is in the process of releasing android version of their popular password management app 1 password. The work for the same started last year and the final result is now in front of us. If any one of you don’t know what 1 Password stands for, then it is a password keeping and organisation app which boasts of a security vault and as per company claims it can’t simply be cracked due to military grade 256 bit AES encryption.1 Password app for android

If one of your passwords seems to be weak and liable to be cracked by hackers, 1 Password app will automatically generate a stronger password on its own. Whats more! Even if you end up loosing your android smartphone it has automatic lock function which keeps away criminals from accessing your passwords. 1 Password also allows you to sync the passwords over third party cloud services like Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive as well. This app is also available for PC, Mac and other iOS devices.

One thing worth mentioning here is that as of now 1 Password app will be free of cost for android users till August end. That being said this excellent app however comes for a premium on other platforms like iOS. So post August this app will become read only if you don’t get ready to pull the strings of your purse. One thing to be seen here is, would the android community be ready to pay a premium for a password manager app when there are lot more cheaper and even free alternatives available on Google Play Store. Let’s wait and watch.

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You can download 1 Password app from Google play store.

Source: Slashgear