Marco Polo app can locate your misplaced smartphone

By | June 2, 2014

Are you in a habit of constantly misplacing your smartphone anywhere? Do you have trouble locating it back again? If your answer to these questions is yes then we have a solution for you. Matt Wiechec, a designer and developer based in Toronto has created an app by the name “Marco Polo” which helps you locate your smartphone by yelling or shouting at your smartphone! By default you need to shout “Marco” and your smartphone will reply with a “Polo” thus effectively helping you locating your device.

Apart from the usual “Polo” sound this app displays push notification to light up your display, thus making it easier for you to locate it in completely dark room. The best part is that this app keeps running silently in the background till the time you need it.  Marco Polo app works with just your voice and doesn’t need any data connection for it.Marco Polo iOS app This app will listen to your voice across rooms, even across different levels of your house and will override the silent mode so that you can locate your smartphone no matter what. Unfortunately the app is currently available only on the Apple’s iOS platform. You may install this app on as many devices you like, but you need to change the input phrase in each device and it could be anything. The app also features over 30 quality POLO voice recordings to customize how your phone sounds when it responds.

“In those moments where we have all lost our phones to the sofa cushions, or left them on the coffee table, or in the bathroom, we now have a fun way to find them again,” app founder Wiechec said.

Marco Polo App Features:

• Over 30 unique POLO voice recordings to customize how your phone sounds when it responds POLO!
• Change the input phrase that triggers a POLO and shout anything you want
• Works even if your device is in sleep or silent mode
• Displays push notifications to light up your screen making it easy to find your phone in the dark
• Volume Boost helps you hear your device even if you left the volume low
• Works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
• Easy setup: just launch Marco Polo and leave it running in the background

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