How to use Whatsapp on Pc without Bluestacks?

By | December 27, 2013

As I promised in my last post ” Download Whatsapp for PC/ Computer (Windows XP/7/8) “, I am going to tell you that how to use Whatsapp without installing Bulestacks or any other App Player or Android simulator like Youwave. As I earlier told that Whatsapp is one of the most famous messaging app available for smartphones, that is why people who don’t own a smartphone like to use it via there laptops or computers. Whatsapp has become so popular that Nokia rolled out Whatsapp for Asha, it’s one of the most famous feature phone in India. Now if you are one of those people who want to install Whatsapp on thier phone without installing any app player or android simulator for PC, then you are at right place.

There can be many reasons behind not using app players, some of them are that they are bulky, they require high configuration, they require graphic cards to run or may be you don’t trust them to be installed on your PC. Don’t worry I have an application which will let you enjoy Whatsapp on your PC even if it is years old, even if it does not have a graphic card, all things you need are a working PC with Windows 7, Windows Xp or Windows 8 , a internet connection and a mobile number to create your new Whatsapp account (not needed if you already have a Whatsapp account).

Now just follow the steps given below to Download Whatsapp on your PC without Bluestacks or any other App Player.

Whatsapp on PC

Whatsapp on PC with out Bluestacks

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 Trick to use Whatsapp on your PC

In this trick you will download a software named Wassapp which will act as Whatsapp on your PC. Now before downloading it you will like to know what exactluy Wassapp is? So without wasting time I am going to tell you about it.

Wassapp is unofficial version of Whatsapp for PC’s, and particularly Windows PC’s.  It is much smaller in size than any app player available on internet and it do not have any system requirement. And don’t worry it is really clean, free of any virus.

How to Use Wassapp on your PC?

  1. First of all Download Wassapp for Windows.
  2. When download gets completed double click the downloaded file and install it.
  3. When installation is completed open Wassapp using desktop shortcut.
  4. Now enter you mobile number and password.
  5. Then either click on Login or Register. Login if you are already using Whatsapp from your number or register if you don’t have an account.
  6. Bingo, now add you friends to your list using their contacts and chat with them for free.

I suggest you to create an account on Whatsapp using a mobile before using account on wassapp because some times it shows error while creating or registering a new account. If you are still having any problem in following any part of this trick just let us know.

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  • as i have tried the same thing from the google but am unable to login as it is showing the login failed is due to wrong phone number or password as previously i was holding with andriod phone now am not using is this because of that or any thing else do i need to do with plaese lemme know

    • Shivam

      Hey buddy, I have tried this methos and it is working fine. May be your password isn’t correct, try to rememorize your password and then try again later or you can register with a new phone number.

  • mac

    it ask for some identification address what is this

  • mac

    ok i got the address but now i just keep saying error occurred what can i do plz help

  • vishal

    i had tried to install wassapp on my laptop and i successfully installed wassapp software on my laptop but when i tried to register my number it asked for phone IMEI no. or wifi mac address , i simply type my cell IMEI no but it showed a pop up message error occurred please try again ?
    so what should i do now?/ i am very disappointed man please help me.

    • @disqus_dY0O2OZNu4:disqus and @disqus_H92qQ29c4y:disqus I have tried this trick myself today and came to know that it is not working for a new number, it only works with people having an account on whatsapp because registration is not working. So sorry for the inconvinience, but you can read my other article to install whatsapp on your pc.

  • akshay

    after installing wassapp on my pc and at the time of registration i fill up all info but it show error msg, so pls help me

    • Akshay first register the number on Whatsapp on your smartphone and then download wassapp to proceed..

      • Ħêmâñt VěřMã

        same problem i’m facing

    • ayesha

      are u hv solution for this error occured when registering with new no?

  • aisyah putri

    what is only digit on imei? why it doesnt work ?

    • It won’t work with IMEI.. you either register a new number with wassapp (not Whatsapp) .. or if you have older version of Whatapp you must have received a password on your mobile..

      • Subodh

        if i register with a new no. will it let me connect to my all friends who are on ‘whatsapp’ or i have to create a new network on this app particularly?

        • If you register with a new number obviously your old distribution list will not be carried forward you need to create a new list.. I hope this helps..

  • Eisha

    arre provide some link for wassap download

    • Eisha I have updated the you can download it..

  • sahiba

    i have registed on whatsapp on my brothers in app wassapp what password do i fill……????i dnt understand it!!!

  • Anonymous

    Complete bull shitt…..Whats d use of this software when no one is able to use it…if u r already registered user of Whatsapp then u won’t able to use this software bcoz u don’t have password of ur whatsapp account and if u r new user then u won’t able to use it bcoz this software will not recognize ur IMEI no…Finally u r screwed….

    • Jaya prakash chowdary

      its completely true..

  • Chetan

    Bull shit.. Doesnot work at all… Try any combinations of login / register.. New or Old. All in vain…

  • Dinesh kumar

    Error retreving information from server.[RPC:S-3]

  • Cesar Belmonte

    USELESS. uninstalled

  • rico

    then if i use new number to register with wassapp what do i need to put in the password field?

  • darshdeep

    not very helpful

  • Guest

    how to download whats in my pc

  • Jaya prakash chowdary

    i was new to whatsapp and wassapp.when giving both my phone number and imei number exactly what it was also showing “some error occured please try later….this is in case of wassapp..

  • abhi

    piece of shit!!!!!!!!!!

  • Junaid Bhashani

    its showing error of inncorrect password the time & time i tried the right imei help me

  • Gurnam Parsad

    this looks like a phishing attacking software

  • abifhd

    How can my whatsapp work on my mob n pc both side ??
    Help plz

    • ahmed

      u can do that when u use another mob n – u cannot use the same mo n in more than one device

  • Manbimi

    Kwasia! Prank!

  • Manbimi


  • Prashant Charpe

    wassup still not activating even after with new number

  • avinash

    i completed my wassapp download and installed
    why it show error after filling mobile no &IMEI no. as password. if solution is there to erase it
    please suggest

    • Sorry for inconvenience caused Avinash but Wassup is not working anymore. So I would request you not to download it. Will soon come out with another alternative to wassapp.

  • shupreet

    server error ?????????????/

    • Sorry for inconvenience caused but Wassup is not working anymore. So I would request you not to download it. Will soon come out with another alternative to wassapp.

  • Hello Friends,

    Sorry for inconvenience caused but Wassup is not working anymore. So I would request you guys not to download it. Will soon come out with another alternative to wassup.


  • uddesh

    from where to get the password?

  • shilpa rai

    if u don’t hv android phone…………..n u use wassapp on pc…so ur simple mobiles’s imei will work or not?plz tell me sir?

    • Shilpa I regret to inform you that wassapp is not working anymore.. Will let you about any alternative soon! Thanks for your patience and continued patronage!

  • nagato

    this shit is crap…i can’t create a new account nor use ma old account,,,what’s the use of this software when you can’t use it. Hey guys am looking for a better option than this crap of a software and if i find it i will gladly share the link so you can go download it……twwwwwweeeaaaaa :p

  • Dhiraj Kedia

    how to use whatsapp on both pc and mobile

  • rasheda boyce

    after installing it i new so i dont no what password them mean and i was trying to register but i cant get it work so please help me now

  • avinash

    i have login with my no but it shows error..even when i tried to register it shows error again