Hike for Android introduces free group calling feature

By | September 11, 2015

Popular instant messaging app ‘Hike’ on Friday introduced free group calling on Android platform, which allows up to 100 people to engage in a group call simultaneously!

“The introduction of this feature will allow hike users to make free group calls with the press of a single button once inside a group chat. Consumers can get this feature by upgrading to the latest version of hike 4.0.4, which is vailable free on the Google Play Store starting Friday,” the company said in statement.Hike messenger group calling feature

Hike has recently launched a lot of new features like free stickers in local Indian languages, option of data transfer up to 100 MB in order to expand its customer base. Hike is a Bharti Softbank initiative and is currently undergoing changes to be 4G ready.

It has to be noted here that group calling feature is not present on many mobile messaging platforms including most popular WhatsApp with over 900 million monthly active users. ‘Line’ is an exception as it currently offers group calling feature by the name ‘popcorn buzz’, which allows up to 200 people to make a group call simultaneously.

According to Hike, any member of any group on Hike could initiate a group call, while any other member can choose to join or opt-out of  group call. This feature will most likely attract students and family members living far and wide. The free group calling feature is possible only on a 4G connection or high speed WiFi internet.

Making a call conference or a group call is always a painful experience and Hike group calling seems to be a good alternative to ease the process. As of now, the free group calling feature is only available on Hike for Android, but iPhone and Windows phone apps are expected to arrive later this year.