Google NewsStand app to deliver all your news at one place

By | November 21, 2013

As the name suggests Google’s NewsStand is a new application released recently and brings all your reads like magazines, news papers and feeds from blogs and websites at one place. All you need to do is download this application from Google Play store and you are ready to go. As you start using this app Google will learn from your usage pattern and interests and will deliver related news and stories over a period of time.

Initially full length articles from the Financial Times, New York Times and Wall street Journal will be available side by side. Apart from that you may also import your existing newspaper and magazines subscriptions into NewsStand app.

Google has come up with topic tags which will help you drill down into any news related keyword. Suppose you are going through an article on Samsung’s new phone launch. Now if you look at the lower right corner you might see a Samsung tag. When you click on this tag a new window will open up containing all the current news related to Samsung.

Apart from that whenever you search anything while logged into your chrome browser it will be used by Google to better your news experience. NewsStand may even make use of your current location to serve location specific news as well.

Google has basically merged two of it’s earlier apps into NewsStand App i.e. Google Currents and Magazine Apps.

As and when a new magazine becomes available it will be also become available on NewsStand App.