Flappy Bird Review: is new addictive game on your mobile

By | February 7, 2014

Recently I was conversing with one of my good friend over phone and suddenly he interrupted me in between and asked “Hey do you know about the latest addictive game gone viral on mobile?” and I said “Yes it must be Candy Crush Saga or Subway Surfer” and no came answer from him. He then introduced me to gaming sensation “Flappy Birds”. I snapped the call and went to pick up my phone and opened up Google Play store to download the so called addictive game. This is what I came to know about game. Flappy Birds has been downloaded over 10 million times from Google Play store since it’s release in May, 2013. This app has been rated 4 stars by around 3,68,788 people at the time of writing this article. Some websites claim that Flappy Bird is raking in over $50,000 daily as ad revenue. That is too much for a small game such as Flappy Bird. The game is only 894 kb in size and will run even on Single Core processors without a hitch.Flappy BirdsThis simple, addictive and at the same time annoying game was designed by a Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen in just 3 days straight. This free game was released in May last year and is currently topping the charts both on Android and iOS platforms. Famous blog Mashable has following to say about this game “The reason for the game finding instant success is said to be the overnight popularity it got from waves of funny tweets, YouTube videos and reviews on both iTunes and Google, which all helped in boosting the image of the game.”

Flappy Birds developer Dong Nguyen has promised that he will soon launch the addictive game for Windows Mobile platform as well. The concept of game is really simple that you have a pixelated bird at you disposal and have to successfully move your birds in between the Super Mario styled warp pipes in a manner that it doesn’t touch any. You need to keep tapping on your phone’s touch screen constantly to keep the bird from hitting the warp pipes. In the event of bird hitting pipe you will loose one life and you can again play this games instantly.

You have a leader board feature available using which you can compete among your friends or compare your score worldwide. If you manage to get a score in double digit you have got every right to boast about it, as it is really hard to keep the bird from hitting the pipes. My personal best is 11 although I must admit that I had to play at least 30 times to achieve that score :p.

To me this is just a meaningless game just to kill some idle time, however there have been some reports that this game is so addictive that it has resulted in even divorces! This game reminds me of one flash based Helicopter game I used play when I was in college.  When I initially downloaded it I felt like it is just a useless game but once I started playing it I felt like pushing myself to go ahead each and every time to surpass my previous score.

Looking at the pace with which this game is going no wonder it could end up becoming the next “Subway Surfers” or could even leave it much behind. Do share your feedback on this game by commenting below.