Facebook acquires fitness app Moves from Finnish developer ProtoGeo

By | May 2, 2014

Facebook is on a mission to completely dominate the smart phone space and it has become quite evident from the acquisition of WhatsApp early this year for a whopping $19 billion. Keeping up with the mobile first trend Facebook has acquired fitness app “Moves” from its Finnish parent company ProtoGeo. Apps like Moves are a good alternative to fitness bands and gels well with the Facebook’s strategy to acquire more mobile apps where people are actually heading on their smartphones. ProtoGeo, the developer of Moves has assured its users that no Facebook integration would take place and they would continue to use the app as they used to do earlier.

A press statement from ProtoGeo goes like this “We are joining Facebook’s talented team to work on building and improving their products and services with a shared mission of supporting simple, efficient tools for more than a billion people,”. The Moves deal remains undisclosed, however Facebook has confirmed to Wall Street Journal that deal is not valued near to WhatApp or Oculus ($2 billion). Also Read: Useful Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts and Facebook emoticons

Moves App acquired by Facebook

Moves is one of the fastest growing fitness tracking app on iPhone and Android smartphones and has been downloaded over 4 million times since its inception in January, 2013. Post acquisition Moves continues to operate independent of its new owner Facebook, Inc. People in general are not warming up to fitness bands and have realized that the same thing can be done more effectively using their smartphones. This trend might have caught Facebook’s attention and forced it to acquire  Moves.

Moves is a fitness tracking app which can automatically detect if you are cycling, walking or running. It therefore detects the number of footsteps walked or the distance travelled and hence number of calories burned in the process. It keeps running in the background and consumes a considerable amount of battery. But you may set it on the Battery saver mode which only uses WiFi and mobile towers to trace your location instead of power hogging GPS.

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