Camera color picker app can capture your favorite colors using smartphone camera

By | September 10, 2015

Are you a person with artistic bent of mind who always admire various hues and colors that nature and surroundings have to offer? Or you may be a professional artist, architect or designer. In both the cases, you are constantly in need of new color schemes and patterns to impress your clients.

Sometimes, its practically not feasible to capture a color you find attractive, but with Nine Hertz Camera Color Picker app, you don’t need to guess any more about the perfect shades and color combinations because the tool lets you instantly pick the best color as you see them.Color picker app

This color scheme designer app will increase the power of your camera by allowing it to capture color details of any object accurately. Both front as well as rear camera can be used by this color picker app to identify precise color details from any object such as images, books, walls, curtains, flowers etc.

Only thing you need to do is, open the camera app, focus it on any object around, then tap on screen area from where you want to capture the color, and voila! your favorite color has automatically been captured! This is really simple as you can save multiple colors and use them as per your convenience.

The Android Color Scheme Generator app also allows you to prepare your own color palettes with different color themes. The app can be very useful for graphic designers, web designers, interior designers, artists or any color lover.

Key features of Camera Color Picker tool by Nine Hertz:

  • Instant color capture just by tapping the screen anywhere
  • Color detection in real time
  • Generation of palette with the best captured colors
  • Copy the color to clipboard
  • Share the color with your friends directly
  • Support color models such as RGB, HEX, HSV
  • Grab colors through both front and rear camera

As of now, this app is only available for Android smartphones on Google Play Store. The designer of this app, Nine Hertz have some other great apps as well such as ‘Whistle Phone Finder’ to their credit. So what are you waiting for just pick up your Android smartphone download the Color Picker app and choose your favorite color at the tap of your screen!